Jack Baur VS Chuck Norris

22 08 2007

Jack Baur VS Chuck Norris

As we all know both of these heavyweights are pretty hardcore… but which will prevail??? Jack with his wits and cunning… or Chuck with his ‘Roundhouse’ kick????




17 responses

22 08 2007

Chuck obviousely!!! Jacb Bauer is a pussy.

22 08 2007

Defo Chuck, I mean he eats bullets for breakfast! jack has nothing else to beat him with.

22 08 2007

Chuck > Jack
It takes 24 hours for Jack to overcome his enemies.
Whilst it takes Chuck a single roundhouse kick to the face.

22 08 2007

Chuck Norris obviously!! Just look at his manly beard – and the fact he can inpregnate women just by pointing his finger at them and going boooyah.

22 08 2007

Jack and his PDA/Mobile can defeat any1!

22 08 2007

Chuck is a legend! Without a doubt Chuck Norris can beat all.

22 08 2007

Chuck Norris wins easily, nothing can ever beat him!

22 08 2007

Chuck Norris clearly has rubbish hair but he does have better guns… He also looks slightly sweatier than Jack. This is very hard – I’m hoping for a reservoir dogs style ending with just the camera man left standing.

22 08 2007

Jack Bauer once won a game of Connect 4 in 3 moves. Lets see Chuck do that.

22 08 2007

hold on a sec, who is this Jack Baur? I’ve never heard of him before. He looks a bit like that guy from 24….? ah yea Kiefer Sutherland. aka Jack BAUER!

22 08 2007

Hey, thanks for holding me in such high regards, I’d never dare fight Chuck, he would whoop my ass without moving!

8 11 2007

chuck is the real deal, off the screen and farts out jack bauers on a regular basis

9 11 2007

Jack and Chuck are definetly good at fighting but I’m a great fighter. I’d whip the shit out of these two before they even wet their pants out of fear. They are both pussies.

30 11 2007

Keiffer can so take chuck norris down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 12 2007

Anyone who said Chuck Norris would win this fight is a communist or a terrorist, and Jack will turn the interrogation machine to 8 cc’s, while he sympathizes with your unwillingnesses to be be shot in the knee. Jack cannot be beaten, he is a walking force of nature much like black hole.

18 12 2007

Chuck Norris is against the separation of church and state. Jack Bauer’s church IS the state.

18 12 2007

When Jack Bauer calls the president collect, the president accepts the charges.

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