Chuck Norris Wins!

23 08 2007

Chuck Norris Wins!!!

So it seems that Chuck totally owned Jack….. i was surprised by this but it seemed the clincher was that Jack takes 24 hours to solve his problems whereas most episodes of ‘Walker Texas Ranger’ are about 45 minutes long and contain numerous ’roundhouse’ kicks dealt by Chuck.

So there we have it. Jack may be good at tackling evil terrorists and unruly daughters but in the end Chuck’s superior hand to hand and firearms skills have left Jack crumpled and broken on the floor….. better luck next time Jack!!!!




6 responses

23 08 2007

This should have been obvious from the start.

23 08 2007


Although Jack Bauer is a fictional character not even Keither Sutherland would beat Chuck, well maybe in a wild bar fight.

And remember…When Chuck Norris and Mr. T walk into a bar. The bar is instantly destroyed, as that level of awesome cannot be contained in one building!

Something Jack could never achieve

23 08 2007

Shenanigans! Shenanigans!

23 08 2007

Is chuck wearing pyjamas? I’ve changed my mind.

23 08 2007

Chuck Norris as a Mii. Just a wrinkly old man…

He probably has arthritis by now.

29 08 2007

What a load of bollocks. Everyone knows Jack Bauer is the toughest man alive.

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