Jason Bourne VS James Bond

23 08 2007

Jason Bourne  VS James Bond

Ooooh this is gonna be a good one…. Super Spy/Amnesia suffering Jason Bourne pits his lightning fast hand to hand skills and CIA training against the ever cool James Bond and her Majesty’s finest gadgets/gizmos. Who will win????




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23 08 2007

Bond has a far superior taste in women compared to Bourne, but in a fight, race or gunfight Bourne would wipe the floor with Bond – even with amnesia.

23 08 2007

Bond is the quintessential zeitgeist of the spy genre – Bourne is a mere imatitation not even worthy of being compared to such a Behemoth of lethal killing machine. Everyone knows James Bond has a liscense to kill, and passed his test first time, unlike some people (quagmire).

23 08 2007


He wins everytime because he has the cars, the women, the gadgets, the lines and above all else can remember who he actually is!

Bourne is a sissy who fights with such ‘weapons’ as a…magazine, ooo scary.

Bourne is the same plot running through 3 films, when is he actually going to remember anything worthy or better still, when will someone just shoot him.

23 08 2007

Yeh but Bourne’s a dick

23 08 2007

Bond has been caught by his villains more times than hes has had Martinis. Anyone and everyone thats crossed Bourne has either ended up being righteously killed by him or been forced to pull the trigger on themselves.

Bourne > Bond

23 08 2007

Could Jason Bourne sit naked in a chair and laugh whilst having his nuts bashed in by a big rope?

23 08 2007

BOND WINS, hands down.

Bond has every possible Lethel combat skill going, can use any and every gadget to its full efffect. Bourne wouldn’t know what hit him! Blap straight on his scrawny behind… need I say more.

23 08 2007

no, because bounre has got no balls… hence why bond is a bad ass….

Add tot hat Bond has been doing his thang since the 60’s.


23 08 2007


Bond needs his gadgets, bourne can kill with a Biro! And as for cars if I had an aston martin with missiles i could take on the world. Now in a beaten up old mini that involves skill and class..

Bourne is one double hard bastard!

23 08 2007

Bourne just has his own agenda. James Bond protects Queen, Country and most importantly, our right to sleep with many women and not call them afterwards.

23 08 2007

Bournes first day on the job involved every torture known to man. Did he complain? Nope, he asked for it.

Bourne is the man.

23 08 2007

Bourne rocks and he runs a bit like he should have been in iRobot – this surely makes him vastly superior?

23 08 2007

Bond all day! Comparing him to the greatest Bond obviously Roger Moore then it’s no contest. In a fight, Bond (Moore) would just Karate chop Bourne to his death. No one can survive a Roger Moore karate chop! No one!!

23 08 2007

to newby…

except jaws of course!

23 08 2007

I bet Bourne can’t do this:


Also women he’s slept with:

Honey Ryder
Sylvia Trench
Pussy Galore
Kissy Suzuki
Plenty O’Toole
Mary Goodnight
Holly Goodhead
Penelope Smallbone
Jenny Flex
Dr. Christmas Jones
Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson

Bourne could never sleep with so many women with cool names. I mean Marie St. Jacques? Whats that all about.

23 08 2007

Like driving a car, being a special agent is something you learn once you’ve passed your training. For this reason alone bond wins. He as been to more places, had more women, defeated more super-villans. he may not have always been as tough a bourne (although his latest incarnation is rock solid) but lets face it boune is a yank, i.e not as quick witted, nor will he have had the same level of training as an agent of mi6. he is at a disadvantage right from the start.

23 08 2007

Easily James Bond, he has saved the world countless times over and what has bourne done…saved himself, couldnt even save his girlfriend from getting shot in the head!

24 08 2007

The thing is, in a scrap, Bourne would win. Bond always gets out of scrapes with gadgets etc, but bourne is just a dead hard, fist throwing ninja. Bourne would but Bond in a hospital, but bond would nail the hot nurse when he comes too. Both leave happy. The end.

28 08 2007
Bob Said Bob!

Bourne would kick Bond’s ass… now i like Bond… but can he beat a highly trained agent, wielding a knife, with a magazine…. i think not…

12 12 2007

lol there is no comparison between the two really….they both rock…just depends who you depict as your own hero …

21 12 2007

Jason Bourne,
Firstly he took on an assassin with what?A magazine
Bond is just completely over the top, and he’s just generally nonsense, the things he does are completely ridiculous, while Bourne is a realistic, hard-as-nails assassin.
Also the entire Bourne thing is that he’s realistic, the whole use whatever you can thing is because he’s supposedly trained in Krav Maga, (look it up on wiki)

10 01 2008
Tommy Mai

Jason Bourne or DAvid Webb all the way Jason Bourne would kick james Bonds ass
any day Cause he knows how to fight and always has a solution and hes smarter

7 04 2008
the truth

ive read these comments and both have had very good sides. i think its time we look at the facts.

James bond
sweet cars
knows how to protect himself
uses finest equipment and gadgets
well armed with all sorts of weapons

Jason bourne
underwent the most brutal training known
doesnt give a fuck about how much something hurts him
took nearly 6 bullets and lived
uses whatever he can and still wins
he killed someone with A FUCKING BOOK… A BOOK
smart antisocial assasin
knows a very very advanced form of martial arts and excells at it
excellent driver

who wins. well given for what he has jason bourne,
now i like james but has he killed someone with a book or won a knife fight with a pen
no he used his m80 rifle or combat knife
has a beaten the shit out of anyone in a car chase using a taxi no he used an aston martin with missiles. i think im done here.

25 04 2008

This conversation is pointless. It’s like “Who would win in a fight Jet li or Bruce Lee?”

“Bruce Lee is dead. Jet Li wins by default.”

AND THEY WERE REAL. that being said.

Solid Snake. – LOL>

23 09 2008

bourne will win

because bond needs his gadgets, bourne can kill with a Biro!…….Bond has been caught by his enemies more times Anyone and everyone thats crossed Bourne has either ended up being righteously killed by him …………….in fight bourne will knockout bond just in few seconds

28 09 2008

Jason Bourne of course.there’s no comparison betweet the two of them… James Bond cannot get even one shot on Jason Bourne.

27 11 2008

He always finds a way out,no matter what the situation! But bond,always go for dead end ! Man ! Only luck saves his ass!

24 03 2009

Bond easily he is hard as nails and isnt a social reject like bourne

28 03 2009

Ok the way I see it, all you Bond haters are misinformed. Bond has been victimized in a lot of his movies on relying solely on gadgets and luck. Read an Ian Flemming novel kids. Bond is the epitome of a spy. Years of service in royal navy intelligence along with MI6. The new movies with Daniel Craig portray a rugged Bond which coincides with novel version much more to give you a clue. This of course is not to belittle Bourne, because let’s face it, killing someone with a magazine is ridiculously bad ass. But in the end Bond has much more experience and would come out on top. It would be a very close fight though.

28 06 2009

Bourne would win. In terms of training, Bourne is ahead. Both Bourne and Bond were highly trained but Bourne went through that experimental program that made him the uber fighter. He is a trained assassin. If the job was to save the world or some such, Bond would be the man, but you want to eliminate somebody, nobody better than Bourne.

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