Indiana Jones VS Lt. John McLane

24 08 2007

Indy VS John Mclane

So………… today’s fight is Indiana Jones VS Lt. John McLane. Should be an interesting one as Indy has his numerous qualifications, bullwhip and infamous hat….. but Lt. McLane has his shiny policemans badge and his witty comments…. Not to mention bare feet and a white vest!!!!




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24 08 2007
Mr Monkey McMonkey

tbh i would go for indy in this one! Mclane is a reckless, un-educated and bold… i mean come on, he wouldnt score high on an IQ test! Indy is the man! he even has his own show at MGM studios!

24 08 2007

Sorry Indy you are a 140 years old now!

John McLane will Yippie Kie Yay all over your ass.

He can beat a Raptor F22 for gods sake!

Tho indy did take on the Nazi’s will will lose in the 1st round!

24 08 2007


Because 1) He defeated the Nazi’s
2) He found the Holy Grail
3) He survived a clash with God himself!
4) He gets more women
5) He still has a full hed of hair!

24 08 2007

Yea but is he hard enough to shoot through his own shoulder to kill someone? NO!

John McLane will not stay down. EVER!

He is one hard MOFO.

24 08 2007

As a combatant, McClane survives and thrives due to a number of factors – outside-the-box thinking, tenacity, a bizarre form of grace under pressure. Paramount to his success, however, is is refusal to let a threat intimidate him into inaction. Whether bungee jumping with a firehose to escape a bomb, emptying a magazine full of blanks at an uncooperative airport security chief, or blowing apart handcuffs with binary explosives, he refuses to let his opponents control an encounter.

Indy is just a musuem geek who gets lucky every now and again.

24 08 2007

John McLane has to be super hard because he is super dumb (shooting through his own shoulder, fighting terrorists with no shoes.

Indy on the other hand has a big ass whip, beats up Nazi’s and got Hitlers signature!

Indy wins it for me… and his dad kicks ass.

24 08 2007

Indy was a glorified grave robber. John McLane is just a hard working cop in a tough world.

And there weren’t any stupid mini-series of McLane (Young Indiana Jones anyone?)

24 08 2007

I think we should specify the competition, Indy vs McLane.

it would end like this:

24 08 2007

Indy is a legend, he has the uber luck gene, dodges confrontations with ultimate ease, can almost always reverse the tables on his advisary… In a straight fight with McLane he’d win through shear luck, Mclane’s gun would probably back fire and take his face off! In a man o a man o straight fisty cuffs indy would also prevail, he’s schooled in the era where men where really men. Plus he did take on the Nazi’s

I will say for 1 liners Mclane would win hands down;

24 08 2007

Very close but in the end brains would overcome brawn. Indy would outsmart Mclean with his great historical knowledge and confuse John and then whip him to death. I mean Indy has a whip!! what chance does anyone have against a WHIP. Plus the Indiana Jones trilogy is one of the greatest trilogys ever. Die hard 1 -3 not so much. therefore Indy greater than Mclean.

24 08 2007

Is this the Indy trilogy vs the Die Hard trilogy? or is this a fight to the death between Indy and John?

I prefer the Jones trilogy to the Die Hard one, but John is 10x more badass than Indy (thats official).

24 08 2007

This may not be trilogy Vs trilogy but you would never see Indy in a film as weak as die hard 2. Plus my point was made with the whip. He has a whip!!!

24 08 2007

whip vs gun?

24 08 2007

John ran across broken glass. He would take a few licks of Indy’s whip without flinching, launch a tarade of one liners and use the nearest heavy object to smash Indy in the face.

24 08 2007

Whip Vs Gun?
Surely you have seen Indiana Jones in action where any man who dares hold a gun upto Indy instantly has it whipped out his hand. It would be the same conclusion with Mclean except Indy would then whip his face off and then laugh as Mclean tries to say Yippee kay yay with no lips!!!

24 08 2007

Whip this!

24 08 2007

Bullets dont stop McLean, you think a whip will. This is a fight to the death not an S&M party!

24 08 2007

Whip this! M0therfucker!

24 08 2007

Matt Farrell: You just killed a helicopter with a car!
John McClane: I was out of bullets.

24 08 2007

John McClane: Mai? Asian chick, likes to kick people? Yeah, last time I saw her she was at the bottom of an elevator shaft with an SUV rammed up her ass.

24 08 2007

Hans Gruber: Who are you then?
John McClane: Just a fly in the ointment, Hans. The monkey in the wrench. The pain in the ass.

24 08 2007

this is a hard one but Indiana Jones takes this one for me. He took on the nazis and won man. I don’t think john mclean fought anyone as tough as the nazis.

2 04 2008

Let’s get down to basics….

Indiana Jones
College Professer
Thinks on his feet
Often fights by the seat of his pants
Has often used “Creative weaponry” in a pinch ( Rock, Chair, Table Leg, Etc. )
has had several brushes with death, most of which were supernatural.
Carries 6 shot revolver, a whip, Fedora, Leather Coat and his ever trusty satchel.

John Mclane
Bad Ass New York Cop
Thinks on his feet
Also fights by the seat of his pants and has used creative weaponry. ( Car pwns Helicopter )
Has had several brushes with death, most involving bombs, guns, and a ventilation shaft.
Carries a 9mm Pistol, a badge, muscle T, and an attitude.

Indiana Jones V.S. McClane would have to come down to where, with what, and how long.

No guns mono y mono, large empty room: Indy, He’s taken on guys TWICE his size before and has been known to use alot of unconventional tactics with his whip and his fists. He’d have whip grappled John’s leg and had him on the floor, slung it around John’s arm and heaved him into a wall. It’s not powerful… but it’s useful.

Guns, Empty Bar. McClane, with his 9mm, his ridiculously infinite clip, and his military-esque shooting. Indy can only last for so long before McClane’s skill finally pays off.

And Finally a Straight up Bar Fight, no guns. Indy. We’ve seen what happens when Indy Takes on SEVERAL Guys at once in a bar.

That’s all I have to say on the subject.
Correct me if I’m wrong… but I just think Doc. Jones just has what it takes.

21 05 2008

Come on guys, let’s not be delusional here :

John beats up a hot, frail looking girl (though we all agree that she ain’t that frail) and makes jokes right after it. I don’t think he comes anywhere near the “pussy” category on that one (given the fact that guys here respect women and most of us wouldn’t have the balls to hit one I guess)

Indy, he would probably get smacked around by the same chick. For the same reason we would get smacked around.

Indy Vs John in a mano a mano fight ? No gun, no whip ? Like he said, McClane’s that fucking energizer bunny ! Ain’t no possibility he loses ^^

28 06 2008

fawkes is a douche bag.

indy fought out of nazi germany TWICE. maclane only fought pseudo nazis.

maclane can jump as many cars into helicopters as he wants, indy killed a guy who could rip your heart right out of your breathing chest.

maclane needed samuel l. jackson to defeat his enemy, indy only needed a little asian kid.

on top of a building, in a desert, in an airport hangar, on a ship, indiana would whoop maclanes ass and send him back to his tired ass ex-wife while indiana would meet a hot chick.

3 07 2008

Martin Riggs is real competition for Indy,he beats Mcclane no doubt.And in oneliners too,Mcclane never had any good ones in my vision,but indys ,,No ticket,, was great!!!

9 07 2008

McClane is way more badass.
if he was around when ww2 was going on he wouldnt get Hitler’s signature, he’d kick his ass!
the only way Indy would win is if he threw sand in John’s eyes and bit him (like with the nazi in RotLA)
sure Indy has a whip but how fair is that in a fist fight?
at the end of that fight you’d definately hear YIPPEE KI YAY!

18 08 2008

Yeah Mcclane would beat Hitlers ass and die there right???And for only way indy could beat him you said…Yeah he would do it!!!!So indy,as always does what it takes to win by big stile,John who does same thing always in lame stile must loose this time,not Indy!!!!

27 09 2008

Indy vs Mclain hmm, that is a pretty tough fight. But Mclain would win.
Indy may be educated more than Mclain, but Mclain is much better at thinking fast in life threatning situations. Yea indy may have a whip, but you really think Mclain will let him get close enough to use it? Fuck, indy would be like cheddar cheese with all bullet holes in him. And even if indy got the ship around Johns arm, Mclain would just pull the whip and indy towards him and clothesline Indy. And the main reason Indy would lose is because he wouldnt kill Mclain if he had the chance, even if he could he’d still lose 🙂 remember when indy could blow the arc up? (he didnt know he was going to win in the end) He pussyied out and let the nazi’s take that victory, whereas John Mclain would have blow the arc up, it may be reckless, but it gets the job done 😀

28 03 2009

Mcclane and Die Hard,once my beloved series and hero,no i say totally overrated and comletelly loose to Indiana Jones and lethal weapon

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