Paris Hilton VS Lindsay Lohan!

28 08 2007

Paris Hilton VS Lindsay Lohan

And so we’re now on to the battle of the ‘Super Brats’!………. Paris Hilton… she’s been to prison… cried her way out… and then went back again…. Famous for her ‘home’ videos!… She’s certainly a handful. Then again we have Lindsay Lohan…. Like Paris she likes to drink drive…. Has a bad drug habit and sports a fashionable LAPD tracking anklet… Let the bitch-fight begin!




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28 08 2007

Blatently Paris. She does better porn.

28 08 2007

Who gives a shit!

28 08 2007

That is true, who does give a shit, but then again id give a shit if it meant Paris got her ass whooped!

Which of course Lohan would do as Paris is just a spoilt brat who gives bad head, and besides Lohan looks much better than the scrawny Hilton.

Lohan would just punch her in the face and that would be it, Paris would only be able to pull hair and throw her rat dog!

Lohan is a ‘Mean girl’ afterall.

28 08 2007

Can we not substitute a scrap for “celebrity Naked baby oil wrestling”

Then they’re both winners in my book

28 08 2007


28 08 2007
28 08 2007

i think surely Lindsay would easily take out Paris. It would be a vicious fight tho, both would fight dirty as hell. Just how we all like it.

Make the fight in a vat of jelly and everyone is happy! mmm jelly

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