Britney VS Christina!!

30 08 2007

Britney VS Christina

Ok so today i decided it’s the battle of the Pop princesses…. once sweet innocent pop stars they have now fallen from grace.. all of it captured in high def video!!! Both had stints in rehab… both are now on a bit of a downer…. but who would win!!!!!




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30 08 2007


30 08 2007

easy peasy

CHRISTINA all the way.

she is soooo much better than the fubar spears!

xtina has a pretty good mean streak too

30 08 2007

Britney with the Skin head “ripley” from Aliens look! i would just run away.

However Christina from the dirrrrrty video in the boxing ring was a good image still think britney would lay her out with an umbrella of DOOOOM!

30 08 2007

hahahaha yeah, they are actually quite similar, but thinking about it Spears is mentally unstable so who knows what she is capable of!

30 08 2007

I think all shes really capable of is getting pregnant and drunk. Probably at the same time.

31 08 2007

Dirty Christina, or Skanky britney….


31 08 2007

Well which one would I sleep with? Christina. She’s not mental like “Sideshow Bob” Britney.

31 08 2007

Although Christina fights “dirty” I’m going with Britney “I’ve completely lost it” Spears. She just seems to be a full blown psycho nowadays. And even though Christina is ten times hotter I’m afraid Britney would probably just rip her throat out with her teeth 10 seconds into the fight and dance round the bloodied torso like the drunk, bold headed freak she’s become.

31 08 2007

Christina all the way in terms of being fit… but in a fight im going for Britney… you know what these rednecks are like!

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