Lampard VS Gerrard

31 08 2007

Lampard VS Gerrard

These two marvelous midfield maestros would waltz their way into any team in Europe, but which is the best?
Most people think that these two superstars are too similar to play in the same team, but who would win in a fight? There can be only one!




36 responses

31 08 2007

no way ever ever ever ever lampard would beat gerrard at anything, except most overrated player!

plus stevie is scouse and gonna b well ‘ard, whereas lampard would just hide behind jose.

stevie g all tha way here

31 08 2007

Lampard uses the word “suave” and shaves his armpits. Nuff said.

31 08 2007

Lampard is better at aiming shots 15 yards wide of the goal, having it take a lucky deflection, then running around celebrating like it is the most classy goal in football history. Other than that, I think Gerrard wins…

31 08 2007

Is this a joke!

Lampard not fit to clean gerrards boots so to be in the squared ring will become a death match.

The fight would be embarrasing for everyone watching!

Gerrard to win with one punch!

31 08 2007

Lampard would undoubtedly try some of his Sumo moves, but Gerrard would only need to slap him once and show him a picture of the European Cup and Lampard would be in tears 🙂 Mismatch

31 08 2007

stevie would win easily fat frank would be tired after 10 seconds

31 08 2007

lmapard is fatty lol n he doent do gud shots gerrard iz much beter

31 08 2007

The only competition Lampard would win is the pie eating one.

Gerrard is the tops, Fat Frank bellyflops!!!!!!

31 08 2007

Lampard – Big and fat, probly a heft punch on him, But hes not manly enough.

Gerrard – Quick, strong and very manly! gerrard would own him at everything, bar sumo.

31 08 2007

Stevie would batter lumps out of fat Fwank

31 08 2007

Stevie G! Although he does like to take a dive now and then… 😉

31 08 2007
The la's

Not being funny but gerrard would “lamp” him everywhere. Stevie is from two dogs fightin, imagine lampard walking round the blue bell in huton…..can’t see it. Na for me Gerrard would murder lampard, hes a top scal, lampard grew up in rich daddy and unckle harrys house.

31 08 2007

Stevie would twat him Fat Frank!

If it was sumo wrestling though…

31 08 2007


…That is all…

31 08 2007

Anyone remember when Lampard “broke his wrist” and had to miss a game, when really everyone was just sick of him wasting opportunities…

31 08 2007

Seeing as they’re both scum It’s hard to pick a winner but if I had to pick I’d say the dirty scouse pulls out a knife and gutts the fatty faster than a flukey lamplard deflection goal! And I’m with the rest of England when I say put Lampard on the bloody bench Mclaren. It dosen’t work!! But to clarify I’m not part of the majority who thinks Lampard is a complete waste of space.
I suggest reading this:

31 08 2007

gerrard sur sure no…. he is a ard bastard… probably kill lamps with his bare hands

31 08 2007

Well I heard that Frank is having a scan on his leg. So looks like Gerrards given him a beating!

31 08 2007

Steven gerrard would win as he is just a scally and a thug and anyway Lampard is too pretty to fight, he’s such a dish i wouldnt want Stevie to ruin his good looks. Xx

I heart Lampard.

That is all.

Mikey/Juan from .tv =]

31 08 2007

Gerrard by a long shot, lampards fat and shit

31 08 2007

No contest. Gerrard would just two foot lunge Lampard into the balls, rendering him bollockless.

31 08 2007

Lampard is a Sumo wrestler….

31 08 2007

Gerrard beats Frank as Frank is Fat and only has sneaky kicks,

31 08 2007

Isn’t it obvious? Lampard with his extra kilos moves alot slower than Gerrard. Gerrard will tease him with a pie, and say: “Down!”, and he will. Just like a dog. Gerrard for the win!

31 08 2007

Stevie any day – he’d batter the fat shit!

31 08 2007

for once ill say lampard, only cos i feel sorry for him!

31 08 2007

Gerrard no doubt, he is hard!! 😉

How Ard?? Gerr’ard

Fat Frank is a girl, Gary Neville could kick his ass, and that is saying something

1 09 2007
Bin Dipper

Steve Gerrard Gerrard
He kissed the badge on his chest
Then put in a transfer request
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard

3 09 2007

Fuck off Chelski FC,
You ain’t got any history,
5 european cups and 18leagues,
That’s what we call history!

Double O L,
Liverpool FC!!!!

30 09 2007

lol gerrrard is most over rated player sum1 look up the stats of the two players il fink ul fin lampard wins by along shot after all he score was it 22 last season gerrard 9 n im sure he assited over double than gerrard ahs gerrard ever got close to world player of year no!! lamps has gerrard is most overrated player in world and press bum him

7 10 2007
Gary Neville Poster

Lampard is by far a better attacking midfielder

14 10 2007

Gerrard would would win with his superior hand speed.

18 10 2007
tom curtis

gerrard would smash him in the face and lampard would go down oh yeah and hes better at football

23 11 2007

Gerrard any day of the week frank lampard is over rated and is fat

11 04 2008
I know

Gerrard seems to have a massive big prick. The other one shaves it and it’s not that big. Look at the enormous bulge in Gerrard’s red silky shorts – it is fucking huge. My mouth waters.

6 12 2008

Stevie does have a big one and we have all seen it on a regular basis if you read the back pages. Yum Yum I would love to see it up close. No socks down the front for this cutie xxxx As for Lampard, eeeeuuuuccchhhhhhhhh no thank you. His cousin Jamie Rednapp, now there is another litttle cutie pie.

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