Pete Doherty VS Amy Winehouse

3 09 2007

PeteDoherty VS Amywinehouse

Both are celebrity alcoholics… just add alcohol for an instant tabloid headline!!!…  Pete Doherty is only famous for being an Arsehole… and Amy Winehouse is only famous for cancelled tours and her unique vocals….. who would win!!!??…….. FIGHT!!!




8 responses

3 09 2007

They’re both whiney coked-up pricks.

3 09 2007

Neither, as their both c**ts

i hope they die very soon!

3 09 2007

both will drown in a pool of their own piss

3 09 2007

this is the only thing he is good for…piss taking!

4 09 2007


4 09 2007

all bollox, both idiots, although im sure winehouse would win just because she beats her husband up on a regular basis!

28 09 2007

Doherty is passed it and should have died a long time ago, give Winehouse a chance to fuck herself over some more then she’ll be gone soon too!

1 12 2007

peter doherty all the way, even though he’s an asshole he’s pretty sweet, and babyshambles is an awesome band. amy winehouse sucks and she’s actually insane.

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