Senna VS Schumacher

5 09 2007

Senna VS Schumacher

Another epic battle… both considered the best in their field during their time in F1 racing. Senna had charisma to throw away and did loads for charity. Schumacher has been labeled the “nicest person in F1” and simply knows how to win races…… but… who would win???




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5 09 2007

Please excuse the bad pic quality.

5 09 2007

Senna all the way… he rocked back in the day!

5 09 2007

senna is the better man and driver, but shucmacher would win in a fight, as he has a ruthless streak and is far to competitive.

i hate to say it but the german would win.

5 09 2007

Schumy rules

5 09 2007

MS as a driver Senna as a person

6 09 2007

Senna was a god although i have to say Schumi would have wiped the floor with him

13 07 2009

please. stop watching f1 for good. what are you, 12? never saw monaco 84, estoril 85, interlagos 91 and 93, donnington 93, suzuka 88,90,91 and 93? and those are just examples. mmm i think schumacher was racing in all these ones hah?

26 07 2009

I think its better he wiped the floor with you, you piece of shit!!

6 09 2007

shucmacher by German determination and concentration.

7 09 2007

its hard to say really … shumi has all the records in the book

senna still has so much to prove .. very hard


23 09 2007

View this youtube video of former world champion Jackie Stewart interviewing Senna.

Analyse this clip. Understand the nature of the question that is being asked. See how the question is formulated in a very elaborate, nuanced and loaded manner. Loaded with critisism aimed at character. And what a profound and deeply hurtful allegation it is against a world champion.

You must answer, in front of camera’s, being taped, put on the spot to defend your character.

A variety of men would have reflected in their posture or their voice a response to this insult. Be it irritation or uneasiness. The meeker would have begun their answer by joking about the matter.

But look at the content the depth and the structure of the answer given, it’s profoundness.

Poise and grace of character, and delivered completely devoid of ego.

15 11 2007

In equal cars, after examinig evidense I’d suggest; Senna wins. In similar cars… Senna won. 1991 no contest; schumacher made his debut senna was in best car, 1992 = honda v12 mclaren was a TERRIBLE car… take a look at senna’s DNF in tokyo… he didn’t even look upset the car was so bad he just half expected it to fail – the engine was poor and the car was unreliable -many mishaps. In 1993 Schumacher driving factor Ford V8 had current Ford engine, senna’s mclaren was customer car and had the older engine with less power. Albeit Schumachers power advantag this was the closet they came to having similar ranked cars. Championship Standings… Prost, Senna, Hill, Schumacher. 1994, with the driver aids taken out the williams-renault was well known to be highly skittish and hard to handle… Senna poled every race he was alive for. First race, Brazil, he was overtaken in pits – Benetton later proven to be using illegal refueling making for quicker stops, NO PENALTY. 2nd Race senna shunted off after poor start, Third race, crash & killed. However was in lead at time – many say michael was managing to keep up to the Brazillian hense just as good – however, senna was carrying far more fuel as he intended to stop less times that the German and hense had a heavier car. Many, including Senna, believed that the way schuey’s benetton behaved through certain corners in Brazil and during 1994, looked blatantly like traction control was in use. Later, after thorough examination, the Bennetton was found to have a ‘secret’ computer menu that had both launch and traction control – Benetton claimed – ONLY after it was discovered, that the technology was just used for testing… I think Schumacher is a brilliant driver – I also think that, passion aside, looking at the facts, senna would come out on top. either way, no one will ever know – such is life.

24 12 2007
Bahjat Tabbara

Senna started in 1984, Schumacher in 1991. The age difference, technology difference & other factors make a direct comparison impossible. Furthermore, Senna was still at his peak+prime, Schumacher was a rising star who impressed, even in first stint with Jordan-Ford, still lacked the experience, driving character & so on that Senna was already proficient at.

Although (on paper) Senna had the better car (even though it was arguably the hardest to handle) Senna proved he could coax more from the FW16 than D.Hill could & did actually get three poles out of three races. Benetton’s own cheating (in the pit-lanes) etc helped them overcome the Senna/Williams combination.

On the basis of this observation, had FIA excluded or penalised Benetton, then naturally Williams-Renault would have won both the driver’s & constructors titles had it been to that or fair-game. Yet in the end, everybody knows that Benetton was competitive, just not competitive enough in fair conditions. Looking at the drivers, I would say Senna still boasted considerable superiority over Schumacher in 1994.

On the other hand, it is hard to imagine (even Senna) matching Ferrari’s pace in 1998-onward seasons. If he returned to what became McLaren-Mercedes (I’d love to have seen Senna in the McLaren-Mercedes colours) he would probably have fought for 1998 & 1999, but the 2000-season onwards was a commanding performance by Schumacher/Ferrari. It’s probable that Senna would have retired & gone on to Indy CART or something after his late 30s with 4-5 titles under his belt, & possibly a return to McLaren-Mercedes. Schumacher would have impressed regardless.

20 01 2008

Michael Schumacher all the way. Senna was one heck of driver and had an absolutely stunning qualifying ability, but Schumacher was slightly better simply b/c he always won driving an inferior car until 2001 which was his 10th season. Senna didn’t have that kind of performance until he joined Mclaren during their glorious days. While Schumacher went to mediocre teams to build them up into winners, Senna always looked around for the better car, and he didn’t help his team much during those down years. So overall, Schumacher is a better driver although just a little bit.

4 02 2008

I love this article where BBC expose the weakness and strenghts from both drivers.
“Schumacher has done more than enough to establish himself as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. But the assessment, subjective though it might be, suggests that Senna was even better. ”

3 03 2008
Christiaan W. Lustig

I’m writing an interesting what-if story on the Senna vs. Schumacher rivalry. Ayrton Senna survives his San Marino accident and returns behind the wheel of the Williams-Renault at the Monaco Grand Prix. He takes on Schumacher for the World Championship in the remaining 13 GPs across all continents. The title battle comes down to a thrilling climax in Adelaide, Australia, in ‘The Encounter Down Under: an alternate version of the 1994 Formula One season’. See

12 05 2008

Schumi was a fierce racer and as per Senna quote “a driver races to win and not to come 2nd or 3rd..” in interview with Jackie Stewart.. that itself says it all.. schumi was a distinct racer who had the passion and exhuberence to win.. Senna may have been a better human being off the field – but on the race track (battelefield) ther are no friends & foes.. its the zest to win which matters.. Senna showed a good gesture while helping his colleague on the track while Schumi purely did justice to his job by winning the race… So to sum it up.. Schumi went on to prove himself as the all time great in the history of F1 thrashing all the records and collecting the utmost silverware.. Senna: May you sould rest in peace..

21 08 2008

senna the best

21 08 2008

senna was fair play something that schumacher never was

15 01 2009

1)In all the races that Schumi competed against Senna, Senna had the better car, and Schumi beat Senna in the championship in his first full season of F1, 1992. In a Benneton. Look at Schumi’s teammates, they didn’t do close to what he did in the Benneton
2)Schumacher is the most strategic, technical driver and further more is very gifted in his driving ability.. Michael took Ferrari on higher level. Senna always moved to better teams. From Lotus to Mclaren easily when Lotus was not seen as good. If Senna was the best he would had changed the team.
3) Both were prepared to drive others off the track deliberately to win world championships. Schumacher did it to Damon Hill at Adelaide in 1994 and tried to do it to Jacques Villeneuve in 1997 at Jeréz, while Senna is remembered for arguably the most outrageous example of on-track brutality at Suzuka in 1989 and 1990.
4) People here criticize Michael for some of his very unfair moves but why aren’t they pointing out the fact that Senna did exactly the same and ADMITTED IT after
5)Senna might be god in qualifying but cannot match Schumi over a race distance.
And u gotta think whats more important qualify or whole race? Senna’s qualifying ability means little in terms of his race ability. Even when Schumacher does not qualify especially well he is still able to finish well, usually on top of the podium, because he is able to constantly deliver laps faster than the rest of the field
6)I feel that winning a Race proves the worthiness of a driver much more than qualifying.
Michael has always had in his hand the fastest cars of the grid, huh??? This is only true in 2001, 2002 and 2004. I agree that Senna was one of the best & perhaps the most aggressive, Michael Schumacher is the Complete Driver.
7)In the years that they did race against each other, Schumacher was able to push on Senna despite being less experienced and in an inferior car
Senna just got the crowd in his back because he died so tragically.
Its known that dead artists or drivers whatever get more known and appreciated then the still living.
8)Even when MS was almost a rookie in 1993 (though made debut in 91) the F1 world was already questioning who was better Senna or Schumacher, This fact answering the question whos better.
Michael Schumacher greatest driver ever . Thats all!
9) Another facts: a) Senna during 84-93 seasons(after 9 full seasons) won 41 races while retired 47 times , Schumacher during 92-01 seasons (after 9 full) won 53 races while retired 40 times and plus broke leg and missed 6 gp in 1999.
b) Senna won first 40 races 28 times from pole position but Schumacher won his first 40 races just 10 times from pole. And Senna never won any race lower than 5 place on starting grid but Michael did it 3 times from his first 40 victorious races.
10) I think Schumacher would win based purely on his relentless race pace. Over a race distance Schumacher was the fastest driver ever in my opinion. Schumacher had 76 fastest laps in his career compared with Sennas 19. Senna would win over one lap in qualifying but in a race i give it to Schumacher everytime.
11) Senna was fast but erratic
12) Michael Schumacher has a number of intrinsic strengths that makes him so formidable. He is easily the most ruthless and aggressive driver on the circuit; he has no qualms creating situations that are conducive to accidents if he has to get his way. There is no one who comes close to him in wet-weather conditions (Michael and Ayrton equal in wet-weather that’s simple truth). Apart from the fact that he is a great racing driver, he understands all the factors that go into a win. There is no one who understands a racecar better than him. His greatest strength is that he has the ability to motivate the entire team of Ferrari engineers and technicians to give him the fastest car possible.
13) Schumacher beated Senna more times than Senna beated Schumacher. Schumacher scored much more points since 1992 than Senna! Schumacher was magic in barcelona 92 beated only by super williams of Mansell, in the rain, while Senna made 2 spins, and Schumi won in spa 92 under the rain, and was better than super-williams of Mansell and Patrese and of course better than Senna. Schumi overtook Senna many times, more than Senna overtook Schumi. Schumi 36%wins, Senna25%. Schumi 10% accidents, Senna 13%.
14) 1993 European grand prix: Many say this was Senna’s greatest drive, but he dismissed this, saying it was “easy” because of traction-control (but people forget that he had traction control (reportedly the most evolved at the time) where Schumacher didn’t have (only in Monaco some races after).
15) Senna has just 19 fastest laps after 41 victorious races while Schumacher has 41 fastest laps after 41 victorious races (and Michael reached 19 fastest laps in his career already after 1995 french gp)
16) No other team in f1 history had so much amount to her driver like Ferrari had to Michael
17) Michael Schumacher towers over his era in Formula One like an omnipotent colossus. It was a move rooted in hubris – he wanted to become a legend by becoming known as the man who returned greatness to the sport’s most legendary team. He paid the price for a few years as Ferrari struggled to beat Williams and then McLaren – but since 2000 the German and his team have indeed carved out the “Ferrari era”. Peerless in wet or dry, in qualifying or race, in pure driving terms and in motivating a team, Schumacher is the greatest driver of all time.

3 04 2009

If schumacher is a better driver than Senna then (1) he shouldn’t beg Rubin for that Austrian GP win, Should he ?!!!!1??. (2) why hit Damon Hill to get the F1 title and (3) why did the same with Jac Villeneuve agian . if Schumacher is the best then he shouldn’t have done those 3 above, of which Senna didn’t.

26 07 2009

Senna is the legend!!!! I ask these Did anyone do like Senna did in Donington? Did Shumi race against the best world champions like Alain Prost and Nelson Piquet??? Dont forget that he Shumi lost against Hill, against Villenueve, against Hakkinen and against Alonso.
Senna was a complete driver and a gentleman. Shumi a great driver but not a gentleman at all!!! I think he’d better thank Rubens Barrichello for what he had achieved!!!

20 10 2009

If you stuck Schumi and Senna in the ’91 Mclaren with plenty of practice time then Senna would always win. Sennas era had the most extreme F1 cars, the last of the true drivers cars…Senna’s level of car control at the limit is unsurpassed. Schumacher was the most consistent driver ever on race day and hence in a modern F1 car I doubt if Senna could match Schumi. Personally I think Senna wins because he proved he was the best in that era of pure racing cars against better opposition than Schumi faced…modern F1 is not a true test of drivers skill, there are many other factors involved.

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