Robert Scoble AKA (Scobleizer) VS Star Wars (the blog)

7 09 2007

Robert Scoble VS Staw Wars

A friend of mine suggested that I move away from mainstream celebrities and move towards the unsung heroes. So I thought i’d check out today’s popular web blogs and pit them against each other in a celebrity scrap!!!!

Having checked out a few areas I decided that Robert Scoble ( would be a suitable match up against the Official Star Wars Blog!!!!!!

Let battle of the super bloggers begin!!!




2 responses

9 09 2007

wtf is this!!??

this is not wot us scraps patrons have come to expect…

cue big sigh…..

oh well, ok i will obviously go with the star wars blog as it is wayyyyyyyy cooler than that other dude…

12 09 2007

This is generating loads of interest! Im going for Scobleizer as he looks a little like my old chemistry teacher who would shout really loud at you if you did something wrong. scary.

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