TAG TEAM SPECIAL!!!! ‘Blair & Bush’ VS ‘Saddam & Bin Laden’ !

12 09 2007

Blair/bush VS Saddamladen

So here’s our first tag team special…. in their time Saddam and Bin Laden were considered the ultimate nemesis of Blair and Bush. Why didn’t they take a leaf out of CelebrityScraps book and settle things the old fashioned way. No bombs… no hiding in ditches …no WMDs….and no chilling out in Afghan caves!… who would win out of our 2 teams…. FIGHT!!!!




3 responses

13 09 2007

this woulda been much better months ago, like when saddam was still alive and blair still in power!

but its gonna be a draw, as their all losers and there r no WMD’s to erase them both!

13 09 2007

Well Osama has blatantly won…. he has managed to hide from all of th above for over 4 years…. fair play…

The real terrorist is in the White House.


16 09 2007

their all lossers!

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