World of Warcraft VS Everquest!!!

26 09 2007


So now to the battle of the Online Gaming giants!!! Everquest started it all… and now there are over 9 Million Warcraft players worldwide!! But what would happen if ever worlds were to collide and forced to battle each other. Who would win??? Everquest with it’s old timer players… or Warcraft with it’s snazzy cartoon features…. LET FIGHT BEGIN!!!!

UPDATED: Due to continuing interest recieved from various sources i’m going to focus on this fight by spliting it into a number of rounds before passing judgement. Enjoy!




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26 09 2007

Man the World of Warcraft would OWN Everquest….

All the characters there would be aging old men by now!

26 09 2007

I agree with Pop… WoW would lay a tin of whoopass on Everquest!

27 09 2007

No idea!

27 09 2007

WoW, just because it featured in a kick ass episode of south park!

“You can stand here and toss a ball around… or you can sit at your computer, and do something that matters!”


27 09 2007
Bert Raccoon

“Everquest started it all…”

Your comment is factually incorrect. There were several mmorpgs before Everqueer, the biggest and best at the time being Ultima Online. Prior to that, there was several others – but it was UO that really made the mmorpg market, and EQ jumped on the bandwagon.

For that sole reason, EQ should lose.

27 09 2007

I stand corrected… and do actually remember Untima Online. However the fight is still between Everquest and WoW. and as i understand it there is a Everquest 2 in the pipes!

27 09 2007

““Everquest started it all…”

Your comment is factually incorrect. There were several mmorpgs before Everqueer, the biggest and best at the time being Ultima Online. Prior to that, there was several others – but it was UO that really made the mmorpg market, and EQ jumped on the bandwagon.”

Well Everquest was the first 3D MMO, and it was the first “BIG” success.

Having played both, my money is on EQ. It was much harder and required more competent(sp) players.


27 09 2007

“As i understand it there is a Everquest 2 in the pipes!”

EQ2 was released November 8th 2004.
BTW, that’s 15 days before WoW lol.

Anyway, World of Warcraft could win any day.

27 09 2007

WoW wins hands down. That was easy.

27 09 2007

EQ2 without a doubt

28 09 2007

Well, there is ofcourse the Paladin shield and leave technique in WoW (not sure if that one is still around though) but ultimately I’ld say that EQII would win.

Albeit barely due to being severely outnumbered.

13 10 2007
Kiss It

Yo wow kicks ass with there third expansion comin out no way ever quest can top that.

16 10 2007

I have played WOW and EQ2 and Im a die hard EQ2 fan. It has more mature players, higher fan base, more of story line, Better quests be it solo or group, Better raid content, hands down beats crappy WOW. WOW blows plain and simple. You actually have to have talent to play eq2.

17 10 2007

Both everquest1 and 2 along with world of warcraft are very good games.
however making this is pointless. there are infact more world of warcraft players in the world then everquest 1. due to the fact that everquest one has been out for god knows how long and yes the game is growing very old. so putting it up against world of warcraft is stupid. of course it will lose.

However Everquest 2 and world of warcraft are probably more on the lines for this.
everquest 2 and wow are both great games
everquest 2 has the graphics and both games have the same game play. yes thats right morons same game play.
however world of warcraft is more for the casual person then everquest 2.
everquest 2 requires months of game play. to actully master your class when i say master i mean be the best dps of your class. which requires much raiding and skill.

World of warcraft on the other hand does not do this.
the leveling is by far fast when you get level 50 in a week….being a 100% noob. i know this because i was a 100% noob and i got level 50 in a week. in world of warcraft you can solo for your levels you can also solo for your gear.

Raiding wise.
well i have to give everquest 2 by far the raids when a raid mob can take down a entire 24man raid in less then 15seconds if not ready.

So fact being everquest 1 can never stand up to world of warcraft.
thats like putting nintendo up against nintendo 64. i mean wtf of course 64 is better.
but for a more even battle it should be everquest 2 vs world of warcraft.
but i hold my place at saying both are very good games.
but there game play does not differ. its still the same old auto attack. same old oh goody new skill click it and hit the mob to kill it.

(noob terms)
if you dont know what mob, wtf, or dps means your a idiot and you dont deserve to post here because you have obviously not played either wow or eq long enough.

World of warcraft

26 10 2007

Just for Rolien, EQ1 takes the raids, ive seen 50 man raids drop from a low tier boss with an anguish geared mt/ot/ost with a 15 cleric ch chain…

and for those of you that dont understand that, Low tier boss = Ruins of Kunark (second expansion released in 1997/1998); Anguish is one of the major gearing areas, was made available in 2002 iirc, and still competes with some end game gear; MT/OT/OST = Main Tank/Off Tank/Oh Shit Tank; 15 cleric ch chain = 15 clerics casting Complete heal (usually a 15k+ heal) on the MT.

Why? because the tank missed a single aggro buff by a slip of his finger, and a utility dpser slipped it from him, and he couldnt regain aggro with the mob TELEPORTING around the raid zone. Fun times, fun times

5 11 2007

EQ is WAY better then Both EQ 2 AND WoW and you all just cant admit it Because You think OH EQ is OLD now …..SO WHAT the new Expansions Coming out Are soon enough gonna be better graphics then both eq 2 and wow and not to mention you can already achieve lvl 80 now in eq 1 lets see shitty wow get past 65 already LOL!!!

5 11 2007

Haha 3 Expansions for WoW now? whats eq coming out with its 15th already?

14 11 2007

Ultima might have been the first but everyquest was the first GOOD MMO. EQ1 beats everything hands down, pretty much every modern MMO has copied half of their entire games from EQ1. WoW has way too many idiots to beat Linage let alone Everquest lol.

27 11 2007

EQ1 would win over WoW by a longshot, Everquest is much more difficult to level and Gear in. It takes longer to get high status in EQ1. If you can touch 70 in 2 days on wow but it takes almost a month+ for alot of people to get to even 65+ gives the person alot more time to learn and practice and their over all ability to play their class is raised.

Everquest end game players would eat WoW End game players for breakfast.

75 Beastlord
70 Necromancer
70 Hunter (retired)

29 11 2007

It seems alot of people are voting for WoW, But there is no real reason why WoW is better then EQ. Just that WoW would own EQ blah blah. I think there is a bunch of younger people that play WoW and to them graphics is all EYE CANDY. But EQ has been around for much longer im are talking about years. EQ is a great game and really advanced and it takes some brains to play it. One wrong move in EQ could whipe out your group or your raid. Its gonna take WoW years to catch up to eq and even when they do catch up eq will be years ahead of them(Bigger world more items etc.). Still all these mmo game you play most of there ideas came from EQ. So you take your pick go play with the kiddies with nice graphics or play a real good game that has been around for years. The only reason why EQ doesnt have EQ2 or WoW graphics is for the simple reason that EQ1 has a bigger world and more advanced. Now if they give EQ1 the same graphics as EQ2 and WoW then EQ2 wont sell

1 02 2008

eVERQUEST SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 02 2008


31 03 2008

I’m going to say WoW over EQ1 and EQ2.
I’ve played all 3, including Star Wars Galaxies, Planet Side, and DAoC.

EQ1 – I’ve played up to lvl 70 on a Rogue and lvl 65 on a Shaman in a very high end raiding guild and then switched to WoW full time shortly after its release.

EQ2 – I havent played that high – maybe up to lvl 20 and didnt really have any motivation or interest to go beyond and play anymore.

WoW is great because its the first game I could get my RL friends to play online with me. They would try EQ1 or EQ2 or other games and just found it either difficult or not that fun after awhile. WoW allows users on Macs to play with users on PCs – thats cool when some of my friends use Macs only and they couldnt play EQ with me.

Lore & Role Play goes to EQ1 – way easier to get involved into the story line and role playing because you dont have everybody running around saying ‘wtf’ or ‘omg’ all the time. WoW has a lot of FPS gamers playing it and the developers include that type of lingo in their NPC Talk ‘Goblins saying “Keep it Real’ and ‘Wasssupp’.

Difficulty and a challenge – goes to EQ1 – You can’t do everything solo – if you want good gear, you will need to group and if you want epic gear – you will need to raid.

Mature players – EQ1 – This obvious – Older game, older players. You also are forced to conversate and get to know people as their is more downtime in EQ.

Easy to play & fun right from the beginning- WoW – As soon as you start playing wow – its just 10 times easier than EQ2. And its a hundred times easier than EQ1.

Casual Play goes to WoW – You can accomplish a lot in just a short amount of time – doesnt matter if you are solo or with groups.

Least Frustration – WoW – You can die and it sure you have to run back to your corpse, but its usually 1 min or so away and all you lose is some gold later when you pay to repair. And we all know how easy gold comes in WoW.

Quests – WoW slightly over EQ2. WoW makes it questing easy and enjoyable with nice rewards in money, exp, and rewards.

PvP – I never pvp’d much in EQ1 or EQ2, but I think WoW has this one with its world pvp, battle grounds, and Arena matches. All which help to earning gear as well as having fun killing the other faction.

Graphics and Visuals – Goes to EQ2. Its just a much prettier and realistic environment. WoW is cool with its cartoon feel and its actually pretty easy on even low end systems. But EQ2 has better graphics. EQ1 has improved its graphics a lot – but its still older and therefor doesnt look as pretty (but thats not why people play EQ1 😛 )

19 06 2008

EQ – Depths of Darkhollow 70 End Game Cleric
WoW – Sunwell Patch 70 End Game Enhancement Shaman

Both games have catered to the vast differences in players. EQ got easier, WoW raid bosses got harder. The huge difference between the two: EQ takes 54 guys to kill an end game raid boss, minus the newer expansions. WoW takes 25. Both games have copies each other. My hat is off to both. I can’t pick between the two. For nostalgia, I’ll go with EQ. Splitpaw is still one of my favs. Instances changed mmo’s in a big way. Back in the day, big guilds had to compete with other big guilds to kill something. Because there was only the one live boss on the server. Naggy is up? Oh shit, run quick or so and so might get him. Both games cater to the casual now, and have different gameplay. I’ve wiped on twins a million times in wow, and i’ve wiped on Mayong a millions times. Give em both respect.

21 07 2008

All you have to ask yourself: 8 months down the road, which one would I be more sick of playing?

I’ve played WoW and EQ2 When they both came out. Storyline, I must say, goes to WoW. Illidan, Arthas, all of it – it’s just great. But gameplay, and funderfulness? EQ2 all the way! I’ve played a warrior up to 70, and every other class to 50-63… and am just sick of it. But EQ2? There are so many classes, so many things to do… you can’t ever get bored of it!

WoW vs EQ(2) = SAME!
WoW is a game you play with friends that can pick it up 2 seconds after it’s downloaded. Everquest 2… more of a game you go into on your own, or with 2 or 3 dedicated friends. But let’s not look at the past, what about the future? WoW and EQ2 are not the future… DIABLO 3 baby! W000T!

10 08 2008

Hands down my vote goes to EQ 1.
Many of you have just proclaimed WoW is a better game just because of your loyal nature to the game you play. As some one who played EQ before PoK came out, I was really entreeged by the difficault and level of play everquest was able to put out. Dieing was just dieing it ment LOOSING hella exp if that ever so handy rez wasnt around. The dedicated player that I was I really couldnt afford the time of being in a intense raiding guild it just required to much time and effort. I truely loved the game for its difficault nature. Soloing was great with a HUGE risk of dieing and a chance of taking all the reward depending on the mob. I suppose its like gambling, it always gave me a good rush. Starting in eq as a newb with know money or any kind of starting budget was sure a pain, but you where able to start making solid money after your skills and levels increased. There was nothing better then Twinking the shit out of a toon, which has become all most impossible in eq2 and wow. I Tried playing wow, and found it incredable easy, things where just handed to me. I found it truely to be a much less serious game then EQ, due to the eye candy graphics and easy nature behind the game. The fact of the matter is people that played Eq think wow is to easy, and wow players cant get into Eq because its so diffcault and a much slower game to become good at. So people that began with Eq stay fans for Eq and fans of Wow stay fans of wow. Both games are good, but for me i like a bit of a challange. you just need to find what suites you the best.

24 10 2008

Skeleton knows what he is talking about EQ ALL THE WAY the 15th expansion is already out you can achieve level 85 over 20 new zones new AA Lines! New Mounts New Everything Everquest 1 Is by far the most ultimate game of them all!

4 11 2008

Everquest is the best and would win any day. You can play WoW with your eyes closed and hit 70 within a few days, its aload of crap. Do the same on EQ and have your arse handed to you on a plate at lvl 3!!

16 12 2008


u think u can get to 70 in a few days it takes most players months and a few weeks to all those who have no life, WoW > EQ , EQ is the real nerd game ,in world of warcraft lots of people with a social life .

24 01 2009

Childish name calling , last ditch effort of the WOW loyalist!!!oh and denouncing something cause its too hard,u mean you aren’t smart enough!

1 03 2009

Everquest rulezz!!!Wow is boooring….

10 03 2009

WoW is much more simple than Eq. I have played both and Eq is better. 1st you can talk with all players 2nd better graphics ( on new expansions) 3rd It takes longer to lvl giving the player more to do. I think the new expansion for Eq really set it apart from wow with the win!

30 03 2009

i can\’t wait for a new mmo to replace wow, even if it comes from blizzard again, its getting so old 😐

30 03 2009

I’ve played Eq1, playing Eq2 now and i had to try WOW because i have some friends in WOW.

Wow is for children =), since is easy. It’s true that Wow have more players, like other things in life, cuantity doesn’t mean quality.
The best mmorpg players plays EQ, because it’s hard and your gameplay DOES REALLY MATTER.

Since Wow is PVP oriented, classes doesn’t matter a lot because they must be “Balanced”, in EQ2 (PVE oriented game) you have a lot of classes, those classes are not balanced, so roles in battle differ a lot, each class really could make the diference (if played well).

The way you confront “solo” leveling or “group” adventuring wich each class is just amazing different. The way you play your class could be so different than other player having the same class.

In WOW also you will found a lot of “trolls” that will only enjoy killing you & laughing, kids love to do those kind of things.

In EQ1/2 your wisdom, knowledge about your class & the others really matters, 4 good players could survive a dungeon where other 6 will die, just because every one of those 4 plays his char 100%.

In wow character customization is 1000 times worst than EQ2, same that the end game gear variety…

So it’s easy to choose, if you are a child, or want an easy game where your hability doesn’t matter a lot, or killing other players is the only way you get satisfied, then WOW is your game =).

18 04 2009
Everquest rules

Everquest is hands down the winner in my book! More mature graphics unlike WoW who looks like a cartoon. WoW is a children game. If you want more customizations and advancement Everquest is the best!

10 05 2009

<—–Waiting for Stargate Worlds

18 07 2009

im 15 and have been playing eq 1 since i was 7. enchanter , druid , necro , and shaman. i played wow for about 2 years but i lost interest in it =/ both very good games. i haven’t tried eq 2. don;t want to. to stuck on eq 1. but thats my input. i think wow is retarted. rediculously easy to level. no challenge in it.

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