The Weapons of Battle: WoW and EQ/EQ2

3 10 2007


Warcraft has it’s fair share of Weapons… the range from:

  1. Grey (crappy blunt and old)
  2. Green (uncommen and useful)
  3. Blue (Rare and highly sought after)
  4. Purple (Epic quality a must have for a serious player)
  5. Orange (Legendary – very few players obtain these)
  6. Red (Artifact – only available to Games Masters)

The dynamic of Warcraft is based around kit and how you play your class. The main focus being on the buffs and bonuses each item gives you. So most of the WoW weapons are pretty nice and shiny!


The weapon dynamic seems to be very different in EQ/EQ2 and there is more focus on trained skills and teamwork rather than the brute force used in other games. There are multiple types of weapon and different quality of weapons also, which is comparable to WoW.

The concept of gaining loot of dungeon bosses remains the same however, with groups of players banding together to take down big nasties.




One response

26 10 2007

except the pic for everquest you posted, was an everquest 2 item and skill, and trust me, the eq1 items are MUCH more different. Sony wasnt kind enough to lay out the stats for the weapon as neatly as they did in EQ2. And with EQ2 they added on several tiers of items that didnt exist in everquest, and added onto the crafted tiers.

Trained skills: Yes, there is a major focus on skills in EQ1/2 because of the intricacy of the aggro system, and you dont have 15 toolbars to work from, at best, you have 9 spells to use. If your not a caster, then you have the discs (disciplines) that you can learn at various levels.

Teamwork: EQ1 is a major focus of teamwork, because of the sheer difficulty of the mobs, only 3 classes out of the 12 are capable of soloing. Ranger, Necromancer, and Bard. Ranger because of the major differences in their spell schools, from dots, roots, snares, heals, buffs, debuffs, and hots they have parts of every spell school in their arsenal. Necromancers because of their life taps that at a high level easily return 600/tick (600 hp every 6 seconds) per mob they have dot’s on, and can drop over 1.3k/tick damage with dots. Bards because of their ability to twist songs, or use 3+ songs at once, being able to use a dot, hot, and run speed buff (bard run speed hits 215%, the only thing faster is a GM) makes it impossible for a mob to get close enough to hit them.

EQ2 was changed so far from the base that its a soloist game now, even classes that in EQ1 couldnt solo, now have the option of doing so to level 70.

And, you forgot one. Vanguard, it was made as a remake of Everquest, by the original Everquest development team

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