Fallout 3 NEWS! – Fallout 3 Lead Actor Announced

8 10 2007

A bit of Fallout 3 news hit today with the site updating to show a new piece of concept art for the game by Craig Mullins and news of who will play the lead role in Fallout 3.

The art, shown below, seems to show a decimated Washington D.C. but nary a damn dirty ape. Fortunately, someone did blow it all up and will, I assume, be damned all to hell.

The lead role in Fallout 3, that of the gamer’s father, will be played by Liam Neeson, the Oscar nominated Irish actor known for his roles in Star Wars Episode I, Shindler’s List, The Chronicles of Narnia and Batman Begins.

Liam Neeson

Judging by the quote in the press release, Neeson’s role doesn’t really have a name:

“It’s been a pleasure bringing the father to life and working with the wonderfully talented people at Bethesda on Fallout 3,” said Neeson. “I hope the fans of the franchise and the game will be excited by the results.”

Special thanks to kotaku.com for providing this story. So looks like Fallout 3 is topping the budget with content… I CAN’T WAIT!





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