OMG 24 Season 7 Premiere Axed!

8 11 2007

As Jack would say…. DAMNIT!!!!

The WGA (script authors) strike over pay/bonuses has had an effect on multiple shows in production….

They’ve moved 24 season 7 from airing on the first week in January 2008 to some time in 2009… Argggh!

How dare they tease us with a trailer and then cut it…

check here to see the latest update on other show affected!





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9 11 2007

I just had to comment on the craziness that is going on with these writers. It makes me sick to my stomache to hear about these guys begging for more money. True, I may not now how much money they make, but I’m pretty sure it’s not chicken scratch. These guy’s should be thankful. Have they ever thought about waking up every morning , going to work at a job you hate, having to stay there till the work day ends even though all your work is done. All that to make a little change to pay the bills. I may hate my job but I am greatful to have a job to put a roof over my head. These writers have that and then some. And now because they want more money, we take a hit by not getting to see a complete season of our favorite shows. Some shows we won’t even see at all until next year now. Of all shows why did 24 have to take a hit? So thanks alot to all those greedy writers out there. Thanks for screwing up the season. Couldn’t you have waited til the end of the season out of consideration of the viewers? What am I saying, of course not. Why would you care about the average working joe who comes home after grinding it out at the job ready to release some tension by relaxing and watching the new episode of his favorite show. Thanks again fellas.

9 11 2007


Have you ever thought that writers don’t have a stable job? TV shows get axed all the time, work is not always guarenteed. It’s a very competative business too which means lots don’t even get on air.

If a writer pens a tv show, say Firefly for example. It only runs for one season and then gets cancelled. That writer is then unemployed. Firefly gets released on dvd and sells by the bucketload. The tv networks and studios rake in the cash whilst the writer is busy writing his next tv show, which is not guarenteed to make it past pilot etc etc I’m sure you see my point.

Musicians get royalties for their songs, why shouldn’t writers for their shows?

11 11 2007

number7’s point is sound here…. the writers/screenwriters should really get a piece of the cake they helped to bake.

If it’s staple in the music industry the tv networks will have to eventually comply.

20 01 2008

Gahhhh, if jack bauer was real, the writers would have stoped the strike on his account.

oh and all this 2009 malarky is bull, actually more like 2008, MAY. annoying yeah I no. I need my fix, I’ve had to resort to watching seasons 1 and 2.

oh, wait may….just in time 4 the birthday.

31 01 2008

omg……NOT 2009!! I CANT WAIT THAT LONG!!!
so i dont get this. because of the writer strike does it mean that no more episodes are being made?? i read somewhere about 8 or 9 have already been taped. surenly we can see those???
SERIOUSLY it better not be 2009! i’ll die! i cant wait till then!

13 02 2008

it says on the official 24 website its coming back in 2008 and rumors are circling around may

27 07 2008

In a world of conspiracy wouldn’t it be neat if the season was posponed because the upcoming season might affect elections! There might be sensitive contents that will feed the americans and the rest of the world with sensitive topics. I am surprised that 24 is aired by fox and that season 5 included so much speculative stuff. In one episode it even thanx some officials in the “real” department of defense for their input into the story and so on….. When I think about it the strike might be a huge obstacle but to take it as far as posponing for an entire year costs alot of money! Hmmmm

4 05 2009

will the best season out of the rest is season 5 in my own perspective this season teaches a lot that every body would learn there is a question i wanna ask why did american hate jack so much after all what he do for them,as cheng said his country will not forget him as american normally forget jack
jack i really wanna see you you are my star

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