Boy Hires Hitman To Kill Parents That Took Away His PlayStation!

15 11 2007

A 16-old boy in the US was arrested recently after hiring a hitman to kill his parents after they confiscated his Playstation and stopped him watching the telly. Luckily, Mom smelled a rat and set up a sting of her own, getting a cop to go undercover as the hitman.

The kid, Cory Ryder from Maryland, allegedly told the fake hitman: “Two bullets is all it takes.” He was planning to pay for the hit by offering the killer his Dad’s new pick-up truck but now he’s up for charges of attempted murder.

But did he get his PlayStation back?  (thx to Gizmodo UK for this article)




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16 11 2007


16 11 2007
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Oh god. And people wonder what’s wrong with America…

16 11 2007
16 11 2007

That is one helluva story. Yikes!!!

17 11 2007
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hey this is really haunting to even think of!

11 12 2007


12 12 2007

I think if I was the parent I would have put a bullet through the PlayStation LOL

15 12 2007

How did he even get a hold of a hitman, thats really sick =S

16 12 2007

It’s not real, lol. Visit

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