Guitarrrrrggggh Hero!!!

15 11 2007

According to Activision, Guitar Hero III netted $115 million dollars in its first week of sales – not at all shabby for a game that isn’t worshiped by the masses like Halo 3. Those hefty figures, of course, naturally lead to, “how can you make more money from the game?” The answer? More in-game advertising!

The Neversoft-developed rocker game already features numerous in-game advertisements, like guitars with Axe Body Spray logos. Now the ante is going to be upped. Massive, the in-game advertising network, announced on Wednesday that it had entered into an agreement to place dynamic advertisements in Guitar Hero III’s Xbox 360 and PC versions. It will also place these ads in another Neversoft title, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground. Massive says the GHIII advertisements will be “contextually relevant to the rock venues in which players perform, further increasing the game’s realism.”…………….. hmmmmmmmmmmm sound like a big $Keeeeeeerching$ for Neversoft and less of a focus on realism to me… lol.

Developers often try to justify in-game advertisements by saying they add realism. Personally I was always entertained by fake advertisements developers put in games (like the radio spots in Grand Theft Auto III). I think to a small extent advertising can add realism to a game. Even the most decrepit rock bar has one of those neon Budweiser signs. I really doubt the ads in GHIII will be so subdued, though, given some of the companies Massive has signed for sponsorships so far – McDonald’s and Coke, to name a couple. I don’t associate either brand with rock by any stretch of the imagination (but maybe I will if they market it right!). I just keep imagining Slash from Guns N’ Roses waltzing out onto stage wearing a Powerade top hat.

Article Sourced from CB Games




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