Darth Abdullah?

19 11 2007

So noone from the Saudi royal family has visited the Queen for over 20 years… We need them in our good books as them possess 25% of the worlds oil and we don’t want to descend into mad max chaos yet….. so how do they greet the monarch on this very special visit??………………

That’s right…. bust out the Star Wars “Darth Vader” theme as he’s exiting his vehicle… I’m surprised he didn’t order us all frozen in carbonite on the spot!!!




One response

20 11 2007

Ha it’s totally what they deserve. Last week(ish) a woman got gang raped in a car by 3 strangers. They hijacker her car, and raped her. They got sent to prison for 1-3 years.

The victim of the carjacker/gang rape, was given 200 lashes for being in a car with men who aren’t related, and this was being kind – the normal punishment is death!

How fucked up is that? Victims of rape are executed for being raped.

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