Foo Fighters, Serj Tankian and Kaki King Blow us all away!

19 11 2007


So last night i went to see the Foo Fighters at O2 Arena (used to be the Millennium Dome) and I must say that the gig was up there with their Hyde Park performance last year.

Pic taken by my Bro at the event on his cameraphone

Well with every Foos concert one goes too there are always high expectations.. yet Dave Grohl and Co always have that knack of delivering the product +10% extra mayhem thrown in for good measure…. Be it the percussionist’s triangle solo… Kaki King’s “Playing with Pink Noise”….. or Serj Tankians weaving tunes the show certainly exceeded expectations.

We were dazzled by a wide range of Foo Fighters tracks from their vast array of albums. Welcome treats included Blackout and Marigold which have not been played by them in ‘years’.

They then returned to do a 4 song encore including a track sung by Serj Tankian. The Foo Fighters take an arena concert and turn it into a life experience and they do this with style and a touch of genius that is rare today; it’s why people will continue to see them and why their gigs sell out in a matter of minutes.


Check out their new album here.


He is best known as the lead vocalist, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist of the alternative metal band System of a Down, as well as, along with Tom Morello, the co-founder of Axis of Justice, a nonprofit organization. Serj Tankian was playing the warm up act for the Foos; and a lot of his act was from his new album “Elect the Dead” which looks to be a corker!.. I really liked them and will be shortly adding Elect the Dead to my cd collection.

Get involved in Serj’s fight to Elect the Dead


Until yesterday I’d only briefly heard of Kaki King cos she’s featured on the Foo’s new track “the Ballard of the Beaconsfield Miners”…. however now all i’m thinking is where and when can i get her album…. damn she’s good and she has a unique style of acoustic guitar play….

She played the Ballard of the Beaconsfield Miners with Dave and then got coaxed into treating us to “Playing with Pink Noise” which was somthing out of this world!

Check her out on Jools Holland:

Her latest Album is called “…Until We Felt Red” and has been out about a year although she has posted on her MySpace site is saying she’s finished a new album due for release next year.




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