Give Me an Exoskeleton!!!

27 11 2007

So we’ve all seen films like Aliens etc where the futuristic heroes wear mechanical exoskeletons to give them superhuman strength. Well it now looks like the military contractor “Sarcos” has developed an exoskeleton that with further development will enable super soldiers to be the staple of the battlefield.. although i’d expect them to cost a pretty penny… and since the governments at the moment have a problem shelling out for body armour and boots that don’t melt for their troops I think they might have a budget problem equiping all their troops with this one.


So i’m hereby appealing to Sarcos to let me be an “Official” civillian test subject for the suit! šŸ˜€




3 responses

27 11 2007

oh.. snap.

The thing i don’t understand about this is when he lifts things wouldn’t the machine have to calculate the weight of the object and the strength of the man to fully understand how much stength needed to lift.
Or wouldn’t it just rip the guys arm off?

27 11 2007

awesome dude. Some of that concept armour looked like Halo. How cool would it be to have one of those – you could do extreme hard labour and charge loads!

16 12 2007

Proof that a little education for Philistines’ is a dangerous thing…

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