Sick Day!

13 12 2007

So last night I awoke to a rather nasty pain which followed by me vomiting and stomach cramps for about 3-4 hours…this has left me feeling quite unwell today. Rather than treat work to my bodily fluids and general unwell state after a failed attempt to make my way into work I opted to call in sick and get some general rest…..

Low and behold I recieve an influx of people telling me it’s a “bad day to have a sick day” and also get lots of general work requests for me to do at home. Even my housemates jump on the band wagon and send me lists of housework to do since i’m at home anyway! Sure i’m ok to move in the confines of my own bedroom ….. but am I mad in thinking that when your ill the only requirement should be rest.

EU law states that i’m allowed to self cetificate for the 1st 3 days of sickness… I often wonder if other people get the same level of abuse when they are ill or if it’s just me??

People wake up and smell what you’re shovelling… Sick days are there to allow people to get better! A Sick day is not defined by someone who sits at home unwell doing their daily work… if it was we’d have “hospital style” wings in every workplace for Ill employees!




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