Team Fortress 2 Rocks!

3 01 2008

I bought Team Fortress 2 through ‘STEAM’ yesterday on a whim!!!… It only cost $30 so in pounds that was about £15…. BARGAIN!!!

Anyway after a painful hour of downloading all glorious 4gb of the game I joined a server….. and swiftly died…. so I re-spawned…. and got owned..again…and again… and again…. until i realized that the brute force rush tactic doesn’t always work in TF2 as it is a huuuugly tactical game..

No medics = Death……. No Teamwork = Defeat…. it’s really that simple… Valve have managed to balance out team based play in such a fast paced environment that the game practically forces you to work together and often makes you think…. hmmmm if I was a Scout I wouldn’t have died there… 😀

I’ve set myself the task of mastering the ‘Pyro’ class as I find it awesome….. run into a room full of baddies and let it rip…. your flame thrower will decimate any close range targets and set the rest of your foes on fire and running toward the nearest medic alight like dancing candles … GENIUS!….. and if that’s not fun enough you’ve got a shotgun to shot them in the back as they run away…. AWESOME!!!

Check it out guys…. TF2 ROCKS!!!!




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