BAFTA Shoots Themself in the Foot?

8 02 2008

So I been on the bandwagon regarding this one for some time… BAFTA have chosen not to show the London Disability Arts Forum’s (LDAF) choice of film at their screenings this coming week.

They think the LDFAs choice: “Last American Freak Show” documentary sends the wrong message so they have opted to show a hollywood film about a “mentally retarded” kid who keeps and inflatable doll as his girlfriend…. hmmmmmm…..

Anyway now the Times, Independant and Guardian newspapers are joining ithe bandwagon in disgust at BAFTA’s decision.
The film does raise a few moral and ethical questions….. but shouldn’t any good documentary question past and current boundries within society????

Here are the links to the papers articles:

And the films site/blogs etc


Youtube Trailer:

Does anyone else think that rejecting a film about disabled people…made by a disabled person seems a little bit daft…. especially when it’s a documentary.????

I find it laughable that they replaced it with a film that makes fun of disabilities!!!




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9 02 2008
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20 03 2008

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