Jericho Rocks!!!

18 02 2008

So I’ve been a fan of Jericho from the moment it came out. When i found out it had been cancelled I was gutted cos I don’t watch that much TV but found it was something that had a unique feel to it. It’s one of the only shows I ever felt compelled to try and save and so I joined in donating cash to buy nuts which the on-line fan-base shipped in their tons to CBS headquarters in protest.

CBS caved and commissioned a miniseries of 7 episodes to provide closure to the story. But as all good Jericho fans know that’s just not good enough as we’ll always want another season đŸ˜›

The main problem is today’s methods of measuring buzz surrounding TV shows is antiquated by modern standards….. word of mouth audits regarding prime-time TV shows would be much more effective as they would really show the scope of interest across the web GLOBALLY!!!

Check out season two’s trailer. I watched ep. 1 through my friend’s proxy server in the USA (I’m in the UK) and It totally owns!!

Remember peeps keep on watching as we’re the peeps who can keep good shows like this on the air!!!




One response

13 03 2008

Duuuuuude new Jericho kicks ass!111!!! đŸ˜€

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