Knight Rider 2008!

24 02 2008

I just finished watching the new pilot episode for “Knight Rider 2008” that will (hopefully) be turned into a series, and I have to say I was impressed.

Set 20(ish) years after the original hit series the Original Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) has been re-built/upgraded as the Knight Industries Three Thousand (we know this cos of the Trans-am bits lying around – it’s still a new KITT tho ). KITT is now portrayed as a black 550-horsepower Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang which is ridiculously fast and has the ability to regenerate it’s chassis – good old nanobots!!!!!

Anyway the new Mike is the son of the mechanic from the original and guess who…. yes Michael Knight….. although he doesn’t know this.

Anyway…. long story short… Cool car….good acting…..etc…etc….. good pilot and good start of what should be a series…. Just because Knight Rider failed as a remake previously does not mean it won’t work with the right person at the helm.. and this works…..Plus Val Kilmer as KITT is pretty cool too!!!!

Oh and the whole thing is a bit of a Ford commercial…. just ignore that and you’ll enjoy it more….

And also a quick note to any Knight RIder purists out there… GET OVER IT!!!




One response

26 04 2009
Fortress Guy

Okay. That movie was one thing, but the series turned into something else. I think the series had more promise than it reached.

Here is my take on season 1 (with pics) if you are interested:

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