Battlestar Galactica Season 4

7 04 2008

So I watched the first ep of Battlestar Galactica – Season 4 over the weekend….. they certainly know how to make their fans pine for more…damn them!!! Whoever invented the phrase “to be continued……” should be shot!!!

So we’ve got 4 new cylons all aboard the Battlestar Galactica…. all of which will no doubt have different loyalties… plus Starbuck is back after being presumed dead for 2 months (though she thinks she’s been gone a few hours)… oh and Baltar now has his own cult that worship him like a prophet… it’s all go!!.

Let’s not forget that in BSG:Razor Kendra Jade heard the “old cylon pilot” warn that Starbuck was “the harbinger of doom for all mankind”….. I suspect this will become clear…. damnit….. i want to know now!!!




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8 05 2008

Me too… 😀

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