Three and Out: Review

7 04 2008

So this home grown brit-flick works around the concept that if a London tube driver has 3 suicides in a week they get a huge 10 years salary payoff and are “retired”.

Mackenzie Crook’s train driver has had 2 people under his train in a week and is on a quest to find a willing suicidee to go splat on the central line!!

The plot then rotates around the suicidee redeeming himself with the family he ababndoned years ago ….. with the story focusing on everyday life, friendship and the “things that matter most”.

There’s been a lot of coverage on this film cos it involves people killing themselves…. however I think people who have seen the film will agree that the suicide portion of the film is a very small part and is not done in a comedy manner which is why it isn’t distasteful….

Other key plot hints i picked up from the film are:

1.) Tube Drivers get paid via cash in brown envelopes

2.) Northern Girls are easy and don’t care who you are as long as you’re new to the village.

3.) You can rent a suit and a Jag/Rolls for a whole weekend for less than £200 in cash.

4.) Disturbingly most women i’ve spoken to find Mackenzie Crook “dishy”… :S

All in all a good film…. go see it when it’s out on the 25th!!!!




3 responses

7 04 2008

“Disturbingly most women i’ve spoken to find Mackenzie Crook “dishy”… :S”

Oh, I have to agree with them. >:)

10 04 2008
Michael Morgan

I took in this trainwreck of a movie last night after putting it off for about 6 weeks.

Horrendous piece of film making that nearly had me throwing up my complimentary berverage issued at the press screening.

Worth getting on DVD..I think not unless you are running low on coasters.

10 04 2008

Theres something hot about Mackenzie….mmmm not sure what???

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