Who Lost ‘LOST’!

7 04 2008

So who lost ‘Lost’…. and while we’re on the subject….Heroes…Prison Break….the Bionic Woman…Supernatural…. the list goes on!!… I’ll tell you who bloody lost them (or at least is partially responsible). The bloody Writers Guild of America and their fecking strike….!!!

The strike is over!!!….now give me back my TV shows… damn you!!!! Reducing the selection of what we watch to House… and er…. House… and ……………House!!!!!!!

Thank god Battlestar Galactica is back on the Air!!! David Eick has come thru and delivered… and from what I heard even BSG was at risk of being canned!!!!!!!

SOooooo the writer guild were striking….*sigh*… and it’s taken god knows how long to get sorted…. damn you WGA!!!… for the sake of a payrise lets put 1000s of peoples jobs on the line and destroy other peoples livlyhood…. what a crock of sh*t!!

At least there’s good news. Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse has said his team is “ready to make episodes quickly to try to fit in five more this season”.

So unlike Heroes and Prison Break we’re probably gonna get a reasonably sized season.




2 responses

11 04 2008

Woohoo, new Scrubs, new My name is Earl, new ER, new the Office (us) are all “available” now 😀

11 04 2008


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