Indy 4 delivers the goods – then crushes us last minute!

26 05 2008

Ok … so i saw Indy 4 on the 22nd and i must say I came out of the cinema feeling both pleased and cheated!!

It was good to see Indy back and Harrison Ford brought back the character flawlessly. The whip cracking and banter and general Indy feel was there from the very beginning.

As far as the casting went Ray Winstone’s character had way more potential and was under used. There was also the character of Marion Ravenwood from Raiders (played by Karen Allen), she brought the same chemistry she had with Indy to the film but was sadly also under used.

Shia LeBouf’s character provided good sidekick action for Indy and raised a few laughs on occasion….. it’s even been insinuated that the Indy legacy be passed to him although if it does I’ll have to hunt down everyone responsible and mummify them alive!

My problem with Indy 4 was that the first 80% of the film was everything I expected of the newest installment and the last 20% went against the whole Indy concept.

Spielberg promised that he was going to make this one for the fans and was going to film it oldschool stylee with minimal special effects. This was done for 80% of the movie and then it seemed that they let George Lucas turn the “special effects handle”.

The last 20% – the whole origin of the crystal skull plus the end special effect sequence (people who have seen the film will know what i mean) completely ruined it for me… maybe it will grow on me… I feel i need to see it again as I was dumbfounded towards the end.. WHAT DID THEY DO!!!

I’ll check it out again… maybe it wasn’t that bad. I can’t bring myself to hate Indy! Hopefully on the DVD where there is an alternative ending on the DVD where Indy makes George Lucas eat the crystal skull and then whips him to death before dropping him in a lava pit.




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26 05 2008
Thrash Pup

I say bring back “live action”, animatronics, humans & great make up artists, real locations, etc. Too much CGI looks too “pretend” and makes an otherwise good film into a comic strip!

26 05 2008

i disagree with you, i think cgi can be as good as live action. if anything i thought cgi was badly used in the lord of the rings films, especially the third movie. i actually like both cgi, and live action, and other stuff.

26 05 2008

i actually like george lucas, so yeah berate me all you want, but it’s just my opinion.

26 05 2008

Hey.. CGI has it’s uses! I’m not bashing CGI. I’m bashing it’s use in the Indy 4 film.

My point is they promised minimal use and then at the end broke the entire Indiana Jones Genre by using both CGI and adding ridiuculous plot.

As for George Lucas… the guy writes good films and has amazing production facilities but he also puts out some turkeys in his scripts. Indy 4 was good …but the ending destroyed the genre… poor show.

30 07 2008

No way! this was a great film! I loved every minute of it!

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