Health check needed… Beer Bad.. Gym Good!

7 06 2008

Ok… so it dawned on me today that I’m not the picture of fitness I was 2 years ago!

With this in mind and the recent improvement in my working situation i’ve decided to knuckle down and “improve” my health. My trusty housemate Ryan has agreed to drag me to the gym more often than the standard 2 times a week I’m managing.

Rule #1 – No Beer!

OK so I have some beer in the fridge and as of today I’m not allowed any more until I’ve lost a reasonable amount of weight to put me back in the the clothes I was wearing 2 years ago.

If i must have a tipple it’ll be a Gin (good stuff obviously) and tonic (slimline :S )

Rule #2 – More Gym

I’m only managing 2 trips a week at the moment which is pretty shit!… I’m going to aim for at least 4 trips a week and a 5th of just swimming! I might throw in some freeweights we have at home also!

Rule #3 – No Eating Crap Food

This means no sausages.. burgers… chips… etc…. Only salad.. chicken.. and low fat foods…! (If i have any of the above in the fridge/freezer they are fair game but i’m not buying any more junk. Also cut down on the high carb food.

Rule #3 – No Sugary Drinks

No sugary Cola…. no Lemonade…. no Red bull or Coffee with 8 sugars….

Try and take in more water daily!


I’m going to do a regular update on this blog detailing what I’ve done… I feel it will help me record stuff and help me be motivated and save myself looking like a lazy biatch!

I’ll start by saying my weight is “X” and each time I do a review I’ll say how much + or – the value of “X” I am.

Feel free to throw words of encouragement at me too! 🙂





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