Silence those damn kids!!

3 07 2008

I’ve been spending a lot of time round my mates house (he has 2 young kids) and I realised that Kid’s can be very loud and have the attention span of a demented goldfish!

I’m not saying I hate kids… quite the opposite I think kids are great and can often be entertaining… especially when they vomm all over their parents… 🙂 lol

Anyway the fact is that I’m sure that every parent feels a moment where they NEED to silence them. Coincidentally I’ve recently been asked to review a set of children’s books as part of my work.

Now I personally don’t have kids but the fact that I used to be one and am not far off how I used to behave 20 odd years ago means I can have some appreciation of what a kid likes and how they think!

The range are from a company called “Bayard Presse” from the land of frogs (France) and seem to tackle the problem of hyperactive children in an innovative way.. and before you ask NO IT DOESN’T INVOLVE HORSE TRANQUILLIZERS!!


The range of books are called StoryBox, AdventureBox and DiscoveryBox! (please click on the links and make me look awesome!). They each cater for a different age group and provide children’s comics and activities that have an educational message that is in line with the national curriculum (apparently).

Now I’ve always been a fan of the horse tranquillizer method as it shuts the kids up but once I’d sorted my mate and his kids out with these books I soon noticed a few bonuses.

1.) They are safe to leave around the house.

2.) They benefit your children by teaching them something (instead of lowering their cognitive ability)

3.) The likelihood of your children getting a chemical addiction to them is unlikely

4.) They cost significantly less

So peeps do me a favour and check them out… you never know you might actually learn something yourself at the same time!!




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