Weddings, Hangovers and Exeter’s version of the ‘Bates Motel’

17 08 2008

This weekend I traveled down to Exeter to attend my pal from schools wedding. I hitched a lift with another friend of mine who was passing near my house on the way down. He’d already sorted out the accommodation and the transport so I literally just had to turn up and get hammered.

All was well and the journey was uneventful. Upon arriving at our accommodation we were presented with a B&B that from the exterior looked like the Bate’s Motel from the film Psycho!

This was a little disconcerting and the lack of the usual products (soap, toilet paper etc) made us think that maybe Norman Bates was pulling the strings. The hostess was friendly but stern… “Breakfast is served at 8:30…. SHARP” ….

Anyway so the wedding went off without a hitch and the reception was awesome… I drank way too much booze and we ended up getting a taxi back to the hotel with my brother in tow.

The next task we were faced with was how to sneak my brother into the hotel without forking over another £60 for a room. Utilising standard drunk guest tactics I managed to distract the zombie like host while my brother and co snuck up the stairs.

Having successfully outwitted ‘Grandfather Bates’ we begun to crack open some wine…..this is where things went downhill…. 20 mins later and we were confronted with a rather large self inflicted red win stain on the carpet!

Having heard the old wives tale I broke open the white wine and to or surprise white wine DOES get out red wine stains!!!

The next day (and still now) I was assaulted by what I can honestly describe as one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in a long time. Still…. no pain – no gain. The weekend was an awesome one and certainly one I won’t forget soon.

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