Supernatural Season 4

26 08 2008

So I’ve been watching Supernatural since it hit our screens and have found it an odd mix of humor an horror that seems to outstrip most other examples of the pop-horror genre.

Anyone who has a brother will be able to relate to the brotherly duo and their constant jokes and digs at each other’s expense.

So anyway season 4 airs on the 18th of September which is not long to wait. Ofcourse if you’re cool like me you get to watch it 2 days earlier for being on the TV and Film review boards distro list :).


Ok… so the end of season 3 was not warm and fuzzy. The end left one of our two brothers banished to Hell as the end part of a deal to save his brother’s life. He’s strung up with meathooks and all!

Image from “”

So from what I saw from the Comic-Con 5 min preview this season’s gonna deal with the ongoing demon war on mankind, Dean trying to piece together how he got out of Hell and deal with the emotional impact of having been poked by Lucifer’s trident for a few decades (time moves faster in hell apparently), and it’ll look at the naughty things Sam has done without his bro around to keep him in check.

Anyway… it looks damn good… I’ll post my initial impressions when I watch the first ep in a few weeks.

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5 responses

26 08 2008

TV and Film review boards distro list? how’d you get on that?

26 08 2008

Hehe… when I was at Uni the review boards used to run a public MIRC channel which i used to idle in enough to get admin. I eventually got access to their FTP and still do 🙂

26 08 2008

O man, that is so kool… well done!

26 08 2008

Actually it’s all thanks to my Bro really as he’s the one who found out about it. If you’re interested on getting stuff the day it comes out check “Packetnews”. It tells you which servers have the new uploads and how many gets there are. It also kicks Bit-torrent in the teeth for download speed.

27 08 2008

hmmm, it looks really useful actually, thanks for that!

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