Drug Culture Evolution

30 08 2008

I’ve reached a point in my life and indeed in this blog where I’ve decided to raise the subject of drugs.

It’s weird that a large number of friends of mine used to scoff when they heard the saying… “smoking pot leads on to heavier drugs”… however I’ve noticed a pattern among a number of my friends occur over the last few years.

Anyone who knows me will know that I don’t touch illegal drugs, and I think that if any of my friends want to do it that’s their personal choice… but I can’t help think that a large number of them are disillusioning themselves and to what’s occurring.

To put it in perspective I’d say approx 50-65% of my friends dabble in “recreational drugs” when out clubbing.

To break it down even further:

1.) 5-7 years ago: Most were just smoking weed
2.) 4-5 years ago: Most were smoking weed and dabbling with Ecstasy every now and then
3.) 2 years ago: Most were no longer smoking weed regularly and taking Ecstasy/MDMA regularly on clubbing nights out
4.) 1 year ago=present: Most now use Ecstasy/MDMA and Cocaine on nights out

This shows an evolutionary trend where they are taking harder drugs. I’m sure that if they read this article they’d scoff at it too and think I’m bannanas, but to be fair I’m concerned.
It’s a proven fact that regular cocaine use damages, or even kills, the very brain cells that trigger the “high” users experience including damaging the key cells in the brain’s pleasure centre.

This has only been revealed recently as “long term” studies were unavailable due to the general lack of long term study of drugs.

I must be sounding like a right sourpuss now… so i’ll leave this post by saying this:

People should be allowed to make their own choices. But I think that taking a drug without in-depth knowledge of it’s effects is like playing russian roulette with your brain. – Peace 😛

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One response

1 09 2008

Very good post! I found it extremely interesting… I used to live on an island, where everyone was on drugs, so had enough time to study all them people… and honestly it don’t look to great to be properly hooked on drugs.

Anyway, really interesting post!

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