Alias? The flip side to the entertainment coin.

9 09 2008

I was recently searching for a new TV show to tide me over til Prison Break and Supernatural’s new seasons can out and I was recommended the show Alias.

The show centres around a CIA spy called Sydney Bristow and her father Jack. They work as double agents within a criminal organisation called SD-6 that poses as the CIA duping it’s workers into thinking they are working for the government. It later focuses more on a mystical prophecy.

It’s written and produced by JJ Abrams, the same guy who came up with Lost so you get the usual cliff hangers and non liner plots although it does work very well.

Sydney Bristow’s character is good, although the character that steals the show in my opinion is her father Jack. His charater is very hard nosed, and through past betrayal and other personal motives comes across as an aging spy who is very sharp and knows how to get the job done. He’s even more of an interesting character because he doesn’t look like a typical ruthless figure you’d expect.

I’m now into season 4 and it seems that the show was reinvented to fit a similar format that served the first season well.

Now that Prison Break has started i guess I’ll be juggling 2 series.




One response

10 09 2008

Glad, you really like it!

Like you I found Jack Bristow a really interesting character, he’s not the usual good guy type character, and certainly raises the stakes throughout the movie!

(I like Sloan too, I think there seems to be a lot going on in his head at one time)

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