Online Gambling – Double Edged Sword….

18 09 2008

Recently my friend got me into online gambling. Now I occasionally put the odd quid or two into the fruit machine at the pub but this is a whole casino online… you can play poker… blackjack….fruit machines…… everything!… and all for big bucks too.. (if you want).

The casino I play at is and was recommended to me by a friend.

Now before i go any further I must say that anyone who goes to a casino (real or otherwise) and is not prepared to loose what they put down is a fool!…

I play once a week and put down £15 and that’s it.

So far in the last 3 weeks I’ve put down £45 and my total winnings that are in my bank account equal £392.

This is because i set myself a “Win limit”… so I don’t go on playing forever and end up loosing it all.

Remember folks .. all in moderation… and if you’ve got the constitution to not get addicted (ie. you have willpower) then good luck!!




One response

24 09 2008

I told you about promoting gambling. Just because you are a freak of nature and can resist the loving caress of good old grandma gambling. Doesn’t mean others can. On a side note, when you’re going for a day out for example to the races. Always keep in mind that the money you’ve taken with you is money you’ve already spent, that way when you walk away with nothing you should probably not feel the urge to try and recover it.

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