MCM Expo: Brea Grant on auditions, blogging, and raccoon attacks

29 10 2008

Continuing my chronicles at the MCM Expo we’ve already heard what Greg Grunberg had to say, the next member of the Heroes cast I got to quiz at the Expo was Brea Grant.

For those of you who have just been released from 6 months of solitary; Brea is one of the new cast members in Heroes, she plays a thief called Daphne who is a girl who can run very VERY fast.

So the first time I heard the name Brea Grant was in an announcement of the new additions to the Heroes cast many moons ago. Then as the hype for the new season ramped up I started searching the new additions and to my surprise found that Brea is one of the few actors who is fully immersed in online culture. She’s on Facebook, Blogs, Webcasts, and regularly uses Twitter.

This heavy use of social media and level of transparency has made Brea one of the new favourites of the Heroes cast and she’s established a huge fan-base through the many different channels she’s using to promote herself and Heroes. You can tell her fans deeply appreciate the personal touch she brings to them too.

A big shout must also go out to Laura Roeder as well as she is the person responsible for keeping the online world of Brea running as it should.

Anyway… so my first questions to Brea went out to her in the group Q&A.

First she talked a bit about her character:

Brea: “From the moment I walked in they (the Writers) had a very brilliant idea for the character pretty much mapped out for at least the first four or so episodes to see what was going to happen. That’s been amazing just going in…. the writers are geniuses and they are always there for me to talk to them and ask questions like ‘why would Daphne do this?’. My character was pretty much shaped before I even set foot on the set”

Greg jumps in and adds:

Greg: “You usually don’t get an idea of what’s coming until you get the script, but they called me up and said will you come read on some of these final auditions… and so I did. So they did a scene where where we first meet and we (Greg and Brea) had a scene together. It was great to do that cos when we auditioned i was like ‘please…PLEASE…She’s fantastic!’ *point at Brea*”

I then got to ask a 2nd question:

Patrick: “Out of all the Heroes cast you use blogs and online technology quite heavily. Do you find this important to relate to your fans?”

Brea’: “I think it’s important to be able to use my blog to let people know what’s going on. It’s great to be able to get questions from people all over the world and be able to respond. I also think it adds a personal touch and that’s important.”

Patrick: “The people reading your blog seem to think so. I also noticed that you’re a regular user of twitter and that you recently got Greg (Grunberg) involved”

Brea: “Yea… there’s a funny story behind that.. we were stuck at the airport and I set Greg up on Twitter but forgot to disable the email you get when people add you on it.”

*Greg jumps into the conversation*

Greg: “So my email’s got like 1000 emails in it by the time I get off the plane. Which I only discover when I turn on my phone! …and just to make matters worse when I was coming out they asked If I wanted to upgrade my data package and I was like ,…Naaah I’ll be fine… what am I gonna download on my phone while I’m there…” *makes a painful face*

Brea: “I felt bad about that”

I didn’t get any more questions over to Brea in the Q&A session but managed to speak to her just before she was being made shiny and glam by the make-up girls. As it was an informal chat I went with an different line of question:

Patrick: “So Brea.. are you missing your dog?”

*see Brea’s Twitter for cute dog pics*

Brea: “I am… she’s being looked after by a friend at the moment.. although I’m a bit worried… last time I came back and she’d been in a fight with a raccoon.”

Patrick: “Really!? A raccoon?”

Brea: “Yeah she had a bite on her. It’s wasn’t nice”

That was about all I got to ask Brea at the Expo. I did have a bit of a chat with her and Greg at the autograph table later but nothing noteworthy although I must admit I did see something funny transpire. One guy was taking pics of Brea at the autograph table for ages… even the people getting autographs were telling him to stop… so Brea gets out her camera and takes a pic of him… raised a few laughs although you had to be there.

Anyway… Brea Grant the Speedster Semi-Villain (not made up my mind yet) from Heroes.

She’s was lovely to meet, and you should check her blog out at

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5 responses

29 10 2008
Laura Roeder

Thanks for the shout-out! đŸ™‚ Brea is so fun to work with.

29 10 2008

No probs Laura… đŸ˜€

29 10 2008

Just like faceless corporations, many big stars don’t connect with fans, outside of a select few events.

Because actors like Brea (and Greg now!) are the ones (at least most of the time) typing messages and speaking their mind, they’re going to have a lot more pull in the long run.

For instance, since becoming Twitter friends with Greg, I’ve felt compelled to tell everyone I know about his band for charity, BandFromTV! Get his cd/dvd here >

29 10 2008

Exactly Joshua! That’s the power of Blogging and Social Media… There’s a bit more on Greg’s band here also:

30 10 2008
Brea Grant

[…] an article and a video that i did in […]

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