New Warcraft expansion will steal your soul… FACT!

12 11 2008

As of midnight tonight the new Warcraft expansion “The Wrath of the Lich King” goes live and millions of players all over the globe will embark on playing the latest installment of Blizzards long awaited sequel to their last expansion for the World of Warcraft.


It may surprise you to know that If you walk through a crowded town centre the statistics predict that you will never be more than 10 feet away from a World of Warcraft (WoW) player…. that’s quite a scary stat too!
I used to play this game regularly and am at a point now where I only dabble for a few hours a week. I have friends who have racked up over A YEAR in time spent in front of their screen playing WoW! While this is not uncommon around the globe I’m surprised that Blizzard Entertainment are not doing anything to tackle the problem of Warcraft addiction…. and it is an addiction.

I still play the game but the fact is I only do it to maintain the social aspect which I like. In truth the game is pointless. The only fun I have in it now is within the conversations with the players. I’m not really having any fun anymore playing the game cos it’s become repetitive, a constant goal of more epics… no real achievements, plenty of purple gear but nothing really gained…. and to make matters worse the new expansion negates all progress you’ve made by raising the bar to level 80 and rendering all your hard earned gear obsolete. I’ll play the new expansion cos it’ll be fun to explore the new aspects of the game they have introduced… but once I’m lvl 80 I can imagine i’ll not play much.


The real fact is Blizzard need to face up to the issue that they are destroying peoples lives by not setting play limits on the game. There are groups everywhere for people who have lost everything through WoW addiction. Check out a few: WOW Widows

Here’s a vid to help people quit too! – How to Quit Playing WoW!

Remember peeps… everything in moderation!

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