TV should be a more fluid online!

4 12 2008

If you think that any TV you want to watch should be available at the touch of a button, then you’re of the same school of thinking that I am!

I don’t want wave after wave of adverts slammed in the middle of my programs, and to be honest would pay double the subscription to have them removed.

This is why today people choose Netflix, Tivo, and Hulu.

It’s interesting that the broadcasters in the US are one step ahead of Europe in many ways. The BBC have their on demand service… but most shows often choose to host their episodes on their websites, making them only available to viewers in the US!

If I go to the trouble of using a US proxy to channel my connection I can view episodes of Supernatural and Battlestar Galactica. I shouldn’t have to do this though….Why is this service unavailable through standard web connections in the UK?

The shows are on UK terrestrial TV and we all pay a TV license, so we should be able to watch them online without painful workarounds!

HULU is the ultimate in viewing and I really wish that a mainstream service like this was available in the UK!




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