Orange Broadband and Adobe need to sort their services out!

5 12 2008

Today one of the numerous Adobe applications that I have on my computer decided to add a nice little icon in the sys-tray. I clicked on it to discover that it had taken it on itself to download a 295mb update.

This ticked me off a little bit because it didn’t even give me the option of confirming that I want 1/33 of my internet download limit for the month wasted on updating a piece of software that I use twice a year and is also working fine!

I guess the main root of my anger at this is not Adobe’s software default telling me when I need a update (although that is annoying). But the fact that it would take up 1/33 of my download limit cos the UNLIMITED package my Internet service provider supplies me has a capped download limit of 10gb…… now does that sound like unlimited to you????!

It’s called an “acceptable usage policy”. It basically means they sell you the package as “UNLIMITED” and then in the small print say “we misled you… it’s actually a 10gb download limit”….. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE UNLIMITED TO YOU!!!

And to make matters worse our line is capable of 5mb download speed and was at that speed for 6 months… then they capped it at 2mb – probably so they could increase service in our area (more cash for them) at the cost of our download speed. When I called orange support they had the nerve to tell me the line was not physically capable of getting 5mb download speed….. er… wake up Orange….. we had 5mb for 6 months!

I give up with them I really do! I can’t be bothered to change to another either cos I have to speak to their “experts” in India to cancel…. *sigh*




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