You’re doing it wrong!

8 12 2008

Ok.. so I see it every day….say it every day but still people do not listen…!

Let me reiterate what i’ve been saying for a long time……  Creating a blog and spamming corporate content within it as a marketing exercise is NOT an effective use of blogging.

Blogs are manys things…. but should primarily be a creative medium that is both personal and trustworthy.

If I promoted a specific product…. say for example “Walkers Crisps” in 90% of my posts amongst the content, would you want to come back and read my blog.????….. No… because if I did, it would be obvious that I am using my blog as a Walkers crisp marketing portal and would therefore render it untrustworthy!

This is a village mistake I see every day with a number of my clients, and hard as I might try to steer them in the right direction some of them still keep on doing it!

I find it funny that people employ me as an expert in community conversation but fail to assimilate even the most basic lessons. This is because of what I call the “Client-Education-Shield” (CES).

So you may ask what the CES is?? Well it’s basically a barrier that you have to break through with each client.

It’s not the same with each client and is usually either proportional to the level of self confidence the client possesses.. or down to the client’s failure to admit they are having trouble understanding what you are saying.

It’s down to you to convince your clients to take your advice seriously! If you do not break through the CES you’ll end up spending extra time training your clients and correcting their mistakes….




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8 12 2008

what’s this got to do with celebrities? anyway, from what i’m seeing, there’s different levels of blogs evolving, granted the space is predominately consumer based, but there is room for corporate blogging that lets you know directly about what a company / brand and their people are getting up to, the whole ‘join the conversation’ thing revolves around this, building your ‘tribe’ and such. having that content centre that shows you’re getting involved, understand the space and allows the brand to talk to their consumers, if it’s about crisps, then it’s about crisps, as long as it’s human it doesnt matter. If you were mentioning crisps in 90% of your posts when you title it a celebrity blog, you’re right i wouldnt come back, but if it was a blog on crisps and they were my interest, you better talk about them 90% of the time or i’m gone.

i think the point is, you talk about your passion and content should be on point, whether you’re a consumer, a group of guys or a global organisation.

8 12 2008

Cheers for your points Rich.

You’re correct this has nothing to do with celebrities.. this blog’s purpose is to examine “anything worthy of entering my head”.

Back to your point about blog content. I agree that there is nothing wrong with corporate blogging. But it’s important that a blog is not about one product unless that is the subject… eg… a crisp fan blog should not exclusivly be about Walkers crisps but about crisps in general.
If a blog is specifically about walkers crisps it should be about what the brand is doing and what the community are saying about it.
It should also not be a factory of links in every post going back to the brand site.

Everything you put in your comment is correct although i think you missed my point….

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