Coin-Op TV – What streaming media is REALLY for!

12 12 2008

A few weeks ago a random series of events led me to four year veteran online TV channel ‘Coin-Op.TV‘, and I’m glad that I found it as it’s filled a hole in my sphere of online entertainment.

The show goes out live every Thursday from L.A. and a few other glam locations, and has a hybridized personal/professional feel. One which I find uncommon among today’s wannabe web-tv channels…. and Coin-Op.TV is far from wannabe….!

I’d place a bet that Coin-Op.TV will continue to be forging the mould by example on the best and brightest way to broadcast a television show via the web.

Good job Rob, Hailey and the rest!!!




3 responses

13 12 2008

Not only is the content good, but the co-host Hailey is the hottest chick in the world!

13 12 2008

I love Coin-Op TV! Rob and Hailey are amazing and the show just keeps getting better!

26 06 2009
Shoutcast Reseller

Shoutcast Reseller…

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