Xmas Head Cold Kills One..Almost!

22 12 2008

I’ve first got to apologise for the lack of anything new being published on this site for the last few days. The reason for it is good… but there is a story behind it.

It all started on a day like any other… I was tweeting my life away and had the gall to say this:

Ohhhh what a fool I was to tempt fate and be oh so cocky.

Within 24 hours the powers that toy with our lives (and mine more than most) decided to reward my confidence with the worst head cold ever inflicted on any human being.

It actually felt like my head was going to pop….. also the 50% rise in Kleenex shares is down to me!

So resigned not to be ill over the entire Xmas period I decided to Quarentine myself, fast for a few days and drink tons of water!

To my surprise and after 4 grusome days I emerged from my Quarentine zone with just a tiny cold which is trivial in comparison to what I had.

I do feel a bit guilty though as one of my housemates has now contracted what I affectionatly named “Ebola X”….. sorry Helen and hope you get well soon.

So there… I wasn’t blogging cos I was “Incapacitated”……. my head felt like it was going to do an impression of the guy at the beginning of the film “Scanners”!!…. watch it and you’ll get the idea!

Merry Xmas all…. hope you don’t get what I had!




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