Wolly Mammoths had it easy!

6 01 2009

Right! So I think I’m being fair in saying that It’s exceptionally cold for January in the UK!

Waking up to -8 degree temperatures and a car that looks like an ice cube with wheels is not my idea of fun!

My house mate says “Stop moaning”, “get over it”, “it’s not that cold”… etc…… lies!!!

I’m convinced he’s one of those 10% born in the world with a natural resistance to the cold!… Maybe he’s descended from an Eskimo or something!

So anyway… Back to my point… and there was one!

It’s bloody freezing in the UK! If anyone reading this blog who’s living in a warm area of the world (preferably positive figures!) wants take pity on me and shelter me (much like a homeless dog) please let me know!





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