High Five to all @ Coin-Op.TV!

9 01 2009

I don’t get much mail from the US on average. Today was an exception…

I received an envelope straight from Los Angeles and thought “hmm… who in LA could possibly want to sue me?”… luckily that was not the case.

I’ve been following Coin-Op.TV for several months now, and have to say it’s an excellent way to unwind on a Friday evening when not out partying (Thursday if you’re in the US). The production is top notch (better than most television productions!).

Anyway.. I’m getting off track here. I try to watch their live show on theStream.tv every week and also chat on Twitter to one of the hosts Rob Welkner who’s a top guy.

Today’s letter in the post was a signed pic of Rob and Hailey from Coin-Op.TV …. this is the 2nd time in a week that I’ve received a nice gesture through the post from people I follow online.

Thanks so much all at Coin-Op.TV this will take a place of honor on our office wall!




One response

9 01 2009


Always nice to know people care and do actually listen to their audience and appreciate the time people invest to watch and follow.

I will have a look more closely at the show now also myself!

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