And the car moneypit resurfaces!

26 01 2009

One thing that annoys me about owning a car is the sheer cost of keeping the bugger on the road!

Sure it affords me a large degree of mobility in an area of the world which is made up of lots of villages and towns with a crap bus service. But my main issue is how much it costs to keep it trucking!

My last car was affectionatly named “The Pheonix” by friends and collegues because it had practically every part replaced over 5 years, and had died multiple times. To be honest if I’d taken all the money it cost to keep it on the road and put it in a piggy bank, I would probably have the best part of £10,000 extra on my person!

The last week I incurred:

2x Windscreen wipers – £20

Wing-mirror glass – £6

Sidelight bulb – £2

New battery – £97 (yes i got fleeced here)

MOT – £55

6 months car tax – £115

Total cost for January = £289

This might lead me to one action with is to destroy the infernal machine at the end of the year. Problem is it will only have to be replaced by yet another vehicle for me to drive into the ground.

To make matters worse we pay TWICE as much for fuel as our friends over in the USA. $11 per gallon in the UK is the going rate (last year’s average) and it’s insane!

Get to work on the tube technology or transporters please!




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