Valley Peaks oozes genius!

10 02 2009

I recently became aware of another web series via the micro-blogging network Twitter. As a mutual acquaintance of two other people I know on the network, I have been following rising starlet ‘Cathy Baron‘.

Yesterday she “tweeted” a link to the web series Valley Peaks which she stars in. Being left with a choice of braving the British weather (Snow, wind and rain at the moment) to go out, or staying in and checking it out, I decided to check it out.

Valley Peaks is a spoof of the common teen soap-dramas we get today. Everything is deliberatly over-the-top from the kisses, to the emotional/tearful scenes in the rain. In particular the sub-plots featuring a praying mantis, a lost clock radio, and time travel add to the creative genius.

I really suggest you check it out! It was a welcome and bright addition to my Monday evening!

But there’s more! Over the next week I’ve got a Q&A with Cathy Baron about her character ‘Shelly Breaker’, Valley Peaks, and what is happening in the Cathy Baron universe so keep you eyes peeled for that!




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16 05 2009
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