Treasure Island Dizzy Nostalgia!

12 02 2009

Last night my brother found a video walk-through of the old Codemasters classic “Treasure Island Dizzy“.

When I was young I had an Amstrad 464 and Dizzy games were the equivalent of today’s “Super Mario”!

Yes ‘Dizzy‘ rocks, and you can now download the PC Emulated version for free HERE!




One response

29 06 2009
michael mckenny

As much as I love somebody else being as consumed by this game as I was, I cannot agree with posting a video walkthrough of the game. It is the hardest game ever made, and I am yet to complete it, although it is the most important thing for me to do at the moment. (Never mind child, wife, work and other such trivial matters). I fundamentally disagree with walkthroughs in general, especially for something as epic as this.

I was gutted to miss the talk by Dizzy’s creators at the Urbis’ videogame nation exhibition on Sunday.

Finding this post has reignited the flame of desire to conquer this game and complete the void in my childhood

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