Cathy Baron talks Valley Peaks, future projects, and her sharp eagle talons!

20 02 2009

About a week ago I did an article on the webtv show Valley Peaks. After a brief chat with starlet Cathy Baron on Twitter (who plays Shelly Breaker in Valley Peaks) I was given the opportunity to interview her with a few questions across the web.

We decided the Q&A format was best. Below is the “uncensored, full, widescreen version” of the Q&A.

Q1: Are there any huge similarities between you and your character on Valley Peaks?

Yes actually!  Shelly is a very excited person.  She is excited about life, love, and fun.  I am very much this way as well.  In my audition, I was pretty much myself (quirky, and trying to make the producers laugh).  I didn’t get the role I auditioned for because it wasn’t a good fit, but they wrote me in the show.  They said I “seemed like somebody’s little sister” and wanted to have me so they created Shelly.

Q2: What do you think makes Valley Peaks such a unique and interesting production?

Besides being funny and well done, I think people like a lack of predictability in comedy.  For instance, some of the funniest shows, Family Guy, The Simpsons  (although cartoons) have some of the most off the wall situations and reactions.  There’s a sense of surprise that keeps people coming back and wanting to know what will happen next.   It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is this way too.  Valley Peaks has this surprise factor.  One of the most frequent comments on our Youtube page is “What will happen next?”  The creators of the show are comedic geniuses in my opinion.  They deserve big things in their careers!

Q3: Things are getting pretty crazy on the show at the moment. Is it going to get any crazier?

HAHA!  Oh yes!  You have no idea!  I laugh outloud thinking about scenes I have filmed.  I can’t give away any details, though.  😉

Q4: Is Valley Peaks going to return for a second season?

As of right now, we are still in season 1—there are over 20 episodes, so season 1 is going to last forever!  Ha!  We are all just kind of ‘going with the flow’ — One of the BIGGEST networks in Canada and Europe, Global TV flew to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago to film behind the scenes with the creators of Valley Peaks.  All we know is that it will be an hour long special on Valley Peaks on a huge network station with millions of viewers.  I will give more details as I know them….but, that’s exciting!

Q5: Have you always wanted to be an actor?

Oh yes…and I did some embarrassing things.  I still have videos of my cousin, Lisa and I making up productions and silly commercials.  When I was 13, I searched the names of casting directors in Los Angeles (im from a small town in Texas)  and I would send them my photos.  Not even an 8×10 or a real headshot…but a regular 4×6 photo!  I didn’t know how the business worked.  I remember sending my 4×6 photo and resume to the casting director for All My Children at least once a month for about a year.  I wonder why I never heard from Judy Blye Wilson.  Ha! I grew up performing dance and theater so I have always been comfortable on a stage…hamming it up 😉

Q6: Is there anything new happening in the Cathy Baron universe you can tell us about?

I have two feature films that I completed this past year that I am very excited about, and can’t wait until they are out.  One is a horror film called Dead Stop and the other is a film called Black and Blue.  I play a teenage runaway druggie in Black and Blue.  I have a couple of other projects in the works, but because nothing is set in stone I cannot tell you about them yet!  You can always go to my website for news though.

Q7: What’s the funniest acting experience you have had during your career?

For this, I’ll replace funniest with embarrassing.  I was filming a movie called The Lights in Texas.  I had a scene with Derek Lee Nixon where I was sitting in the front passenger seat of a suburban.  The director, John Sjogren, had to sit in the seat with me to get my close up.  We did about 4 takes of my close up, were running out of light for the day, and were about to move on to Dereks close up when John noticed something hanging out of my nose.  Yep, you guessed it…I had a little mini booger.  Just flapping there.  We went back to look at it on the monitor to see if it was noticeable…and sure enough, it was. Imagine all of the crew, actors, and producers analyzing a close-up of my face to see if you can see my booger in all the shots!   We only had time to do one more unboogered take.  I recently found out that they used the booger shot.  Makes me laugh now but at the time I was a bit embarrassed.

Last of-course is the standard “Celebrityscraps Random Question”

Q8: If you could be an animal for a day. What would it be and why?

I put a lot of thought into this and I’m pretty sure I’d be an Eagle.  Why?  Well, because for one, its illegal to shoot Eagles so there wouldn’t be any fear of getting shot in mid flight.  Two, other animals would be scared of me as well since I’d basically be a badass flying machine with red eyes and talons of steel.  And three, I would be able to fly high in the sky—even spy on people if I wanted with my eagle eyes.  Did you know that the Harpy Eagle can grab a monkey and fly away with it?  (but, I wouldn’t do that…I’d be a vegetarian eagle—somehow)

So there you have it. Cathy passes the CScraps Q&A challenge! Whenever I see an eagle with a monkey in it’s talons I’ll remember this!

Be sure to check out Cathy at these locations on the web:

Cathy Baron’s Official Site

Cathy’s Blog – “Coffee and OJ in Hollywood”

Cathy on Twitter

Cathy on IMDB

Valley Peaks Official Site




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