The illness knell has sounded!

2 03 2009

I’m starting to feel the signs of a cold hitting me which is never good. I’ve come to the decision that this is probably due to bad Karma from a previous life. Maybe I was a door to door salesman or a telemarketer, but I’ve definitely done something to piss the Grim Reaper off!

With this in mind I’m going to pre-empt the blighter with a dose of Vitamin C (oranges etc) and a good old fashioned helping of antibiotics! Yes that’s right I’m taking the easy way out and going for drugs.

Now many people say “don’t take antibiotics as it weakens your immune system”…. I disagree however as it will cure me quickly and the only downside is I’ll still be vulnerable to the same strain of cold.

I’d also like to add that if I’m ill in the first place, my immune system must be weakened anyway by either other influences or the illness itself 😛




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